The World Economic Forum: A Farcical Illusion for Fossil Fuel Profits

The International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is affectionately nicknamed, Local Governments For Sustainability.   They are an initiative of the World Economic Forum Agenda 2030 with a goal of building 15 minute resilient cities. Based out of Bonn, Germany, they have 2500 city mayors across the globe that have become members, pay membership dues, and vow to uphold the goals.   They state that their member cities are stakeholders. Their current President is the mayor of Des Moines Iowa, Frank Cownie.

Conceived by Jeb Brugmann, from Freiberg, Germany, Brugmann received his masters from Harvard in an amazing – one year.  ICLEI’s earliest slogan was, ‘For The Common Good’.   Partners include Google, Woodwell Climate Research Center, Undisclosed, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.   In collaboration with Anthony Blinken, 24 cities across the Americas were chosen to participate in the Cities Forward Program within the ICLEI,  including; Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Coral Springs, Hawaii County, Dallas, Dubuque, Austin, Evanston, Hoboken, Chattanooga, and Stockton.

The Cities Forward Program board consists of a number of mayors, but one in particular is worth mentioning; Kelly Takaya King, Former Council Member, Maui County, HI.    As in the now destitute Maui central.

Partnering with Secretary of State Blinken in this initiative is The Institute of Americas.   One particular advisory member to The Institute – is a Director at Pfizer, Dr. Samuel Dychter.    AN ODD COUPLE TO BE SURE.  Their partners include: Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Sempra Energy, Pan American Energy, Orel Energy, Interenergy, Pluspetrol, and others.   In other words, the fossil fuel industry is partnering to end all fossil fuels? And the Institute is led by Pfizer and hedge funds.

Orel Energy is a holding company with holdings in just about everything with one very small notation of solar amidst fertility, healthcare, quantums, AI, gaming, crypto, food tech, etc….   Not unlike Blackrock, which owns considerable shares in nastypants – fossil fuels.   Pluspetrol is the leading private oil and gas company in Latin America – operating in 7 countries…

You get the gist.   The ICLEI is a bait & switch operation that has absolutely nothing to do with sustainability – and everything to do with fossil fuels. 

Funding is public, private and government in the form of USAID.

The concept of the 15 minute city is a communist/socialist construct wherein you essentially become a prisoner.   Leaving the city will require permission and a mode of transportation. Your work will be determined/dictated by Stakeholder Council members, and your life will become a hodge podge of pre-selected spouses, pre-defined food and caloric intake, and 3 changes of clothing – rented, of course.

The Cities Forward  CHOSEN mayors will convene to decide their vision which will take 9 months, and then 2-3 years of collaboration efforts, ie, evasive distractions wherein nothing will be implemented.   Before presenting their paperwork to Stakeholders for review.   Implementation is not discussed.

Why? Because implementation is not the end game.   The end game is to create an allusion within a sphere of fear. All while building greater profits in fossil fuels –

Before Agenda 2030, there was Agenda 2021.   Before Agenda 2021, there was Agenda 2015.   Agenda 2015 was established in 2000.   NONE of the goals established in these UN programmes were achieved.   NONE.  As we get closer to Agenda 2030, it is likely the UN will adopt – Agenda 2050.   It is all a distraction, an illusion, to benefit the few at the expense of the many.   This is why they fly around in polluting jets, degrading our oceans with windmills that kill whales and dolphins in the thousands, and rape the land making lithium batteries while simultaneously mining for all the precious earth minerals and leaving ravaged land behind.   There is no conservation sustainable goal!   There is only oil and gas, and hedge funds. The movement of money from The People to war in Ukraine, to NGO’s, to trafficking.   These are their GOALS.

In the end it is about Eugenics and genocide while hoarding assets.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman fell for the illusion when he launched Project NEOM in 2017 with a scheduled completion by 2025.   A 10,200 sq mile vision, it was to be the ultimate 15 minute city.   Now declaring a possible endpoint of 2039, the concept is dry and Bin Salman knows he was conned.   In 2017, Bill Gates bought 25,000 acres in Arizona with the DECLARED MEDIA vision to build the first smart city.   Six years later, he has not even broken ground.   Bezos chugs around on his multiple jets, yachts and litany of gas guzzling cars while taking every available concoction to reverse aging.   Via implants and Hitleresque drugs.  He could give a fark about sustainability – anything!

The World Economic Forum is more likely to be a club of money coming together at the expense of taxpayers to party, to solicit prostitutes, and drugs, and children for pedophilia entertainment.   All while laundering their NGO profits, their oil & gas investments, and having a grand ole time of deception.

The only thing the WEF has accomplished is the abject demolition of countries which disagree, the annihilation of law, and the destruction of major cities across the globe.   They are The Pariah!

And civil war IS their game – it is called a Color Revolution.   The only means to dissolve this Wonderland of Chaos is to dissolve NGO and Foundation charitable status.   Layer a global add-on tax to every Hedge Fund.   And eliminate the CIA, NSA, FBI and their allies abroad.  

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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Slouching Towards Beelzebub

“Using the #FauciLiedPeopleDied trend is a great way to show your friends you’re a conspiracy theorist.” –Dr Anthony Fauci

So, here’s what you might have learned over the weekend if you ventured into the thickets of alt news: in April and May of 2021, the president (“Joe Biden”), the whole White House Covid Response Team (Andy Slavitt & Co), and everyone in the WH communications office, the US Surgeon General (Vivek Murthy), senior officials of the CDC including director Rochelle Walensky, Francis Collins, head of NIH, and Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID were all freaking out, holding crisis meetings, and sending blizzards of emails among each other after being informed by a Pfizer safety report that the miraculous new mRNA Covid vaccines produced significant cases of myocarditis and blood-clotting abnormalities.

All these officials proceeded to craft a campaign to tell the public that this myocarditis was mild, extremely rare, and self-resolving (it wasn’t), and urged all Americans over twelve to keep taking the vaxx shots. Later, they expanded the vaccine program to include children down to six months old. By 2022, all of US public health officialdom had to know that the vaxxes were also ineffective at preventing infection and transmission of Covid. Rochelle Walensky kept pushing the vaccines as “safe and effective” until she resigned in June, 2023. Her replacement, Mandy K. Cohen, is still pushing the latest mRNA booster shots in the face of reports (mainly from the UK and other foreign countries) of a shocking rise in all-causes deaths and disabilities from heart and blood disease, neurological injury, and cancers. The CDC refused this month to release updated information on case numbers of myocarditis and pericarditis in the USA.

The record of those frantic 2021 doings in the White House and the CDC came from a document dump prompted by a FOIA request by Edward Berkovich, a lawyer associated with Naomi Wolf’s Daily Clout news organization. He requested emails between February and June, 2021, that included the term “myocarditis.” CDC sent 472 pages, followed by an additional 46 pages, (believed to be sent by a whistleblower) that included emails between White House officials up to the president. Of the 47, 37 were entirely redacted (whited-out, not blacked-out, that is, blank pages). Only two pages of the 46 contained no redactions. The redactions were made, the CDC said, pursuant to Exemptions 5 and 6 under code 5 U.S.C. §552, which protects documents received by the president.

That was a lot to wade through. Apologies. What’s the upshot? From early on, our government lied about the safety of the vaccines, at the same time that they lied and confabulated about the origins of the Covid-19 virus. They continue lying about all of this to this day even as they appear to prepare for a replay of a pandemic. Now that the weekend is over, you will not read about any of this in The New York Times. Why is that? I will offer my theory: that newspaper’s business model, based on pages and pages of print advertising, is completely broken and it is on financial life-support from the CIA and / or DARPA, probably facilitated by private sector cut-outs laundering the money. That’s how dishonorable the flagship of the US news media is.

And, of course, there is the added layer of government-directed censorship, also through private sector cut-outs, that is aimed at suppressing the truth about Covid from every angle, especially the vaccines. Doesn’t all of this look rather sinister? Choose one of two possible explanations: 1) the Covid-19 episode from the beginning was a fantastic fiasco of blundering incompetence by hundreds of officials from many agencies plus elected leaders, and at every stage was made worse by additional incompetent actions aimed at concealing massive chains of prior misdeeds producing more misdeeds resulting in the wholesale collapse of authority in our country. In other words, an epic clusterfuck.

Or 2) The entire Covid episode is a chain of crimes committed deliberately with malicious intent to kill and injure large numbers of people while contriving to deprive the survivors of their basic liberties and their property. Because identical events are seen in all the other nations of Western Civ, it would be reasonable to infer some kind of coordination managed by a supervisory force or entity. What we see is a globalist coalition formed of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), The European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), the pharmaceutical industry, the “Five Eyes” intel alliance, the global banking establishment, The Democratic Party, and scores of well-endowed non-governmental agencies such as the George Soros constellation of councils and foundations. What else is unseen?

One conspicuously strange element of the whole picture is the phantom leadership of the supposed world hegemon USA in the figurehead, “Joe Biden.” Never in history has such a move into tyranny been fronted by such an embarrassingly un-charismatic empty vessel. Never in our country’s history have our affairs whirled in such a mystifying flux of bewildering forces. Even our Civil War was a more straightforward clash of interests. Events are moving quickly now. They’re setting up the steam-table for that banquet of consequences.

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The Green New Death – Article from Corey’s Digs

The Green New Death

Opinion piece by By The Sharp Edge

The apocalyptic prophecies of government, academic, and corporate sponsored climate alarmism have manipulated the minds of the masses to believe that mankind is to blame for our own demise.

Despite their failed predictions of climate catastrophe over the years, the propaganda campaign has paid off, as a vast segment of the population emphatically supports funding so-called “green” projects.  The climate doom boondoggle has swindled trillions in taxpayer funds from the working-class multitudes into the pockets of the powerful and wealthy few.  Turns out the climate hoax was always a thinly disguised ploy to launder money, consolidate wealth and power, and justify government land grabs.

Yet the decades-long indoctrination has also bred an army of zealots who hold deeply anti-human beliefs about climate catastrophism with religious fervor.  And an unwitting pubic has been unceremoniously initiated into a new incarnation of an age-old death cult once practiced in secret by the self-described elites that has gone mainstream in the form of depopulation for the sake of saving the planet.

Built on a crumbling foundation of broken promises, manipulation, hypocrisy, and lies, one of the greatest deceptions to ever sweep across the planet has left nothing but a legacy of death and destruction in its wake.  From the disastrous fires in Maui to the global war on farming, Green New Deal policies have earned the more appropriate title of a Green New Death.

Fires & Explosions

The Maui Fire

The devastating fires in Maui are the latest in a long series of disasters brought on by dangerous, anti-human climate cult practices.  The catastrophic fires that ripped through Lahaina likely killing hundreds, many of whom were children, were primarily the result of government malfeasance rather than natural disaster.

Aside from criminally negligent emergency management decisions such as the failure to alert Lahaina residents of impending danger using the world’s largest outdoor siren system or the government-imposed roadblocks that thwarted their escape from the firestorm, the list of environmentalist policies that led to the Maui catastrophe is long.

Maui County officials failed to invest in the management of invasive dry grasslands that overtook abandoned sugar plantations after warnings that their years-long neglect created a tinderbox in the Lahaina area.  Instead, the government prioritized “green” investments over the safety and reliability of Hawaii’s infrastructure.  In 2015, state legislators passed the nation’s first law mandating 100% renewable energy in Hawaii by 2045, diverting Hawaiian Electric’s attention towards “green” energy investments instead of fire risks that plagued their power grid.

As the fire raged through Maui, water was withheld for more than five hours by the director of Hawaii’s Commission on Water Resource Management, who was apparently more concerned about “equity” than saving the lives of Lahaina residents.  While the firestorm ravaged homes, the Obama-backed bureaucrat refused a request to divert water unless a local farmer was first consulted about the impacts of the water diversion.  In the aftermath, the state argued in a Hawaii Supreme Court petition (which was denied) that an Environmental Court decision to reduce water supply in the area led to the lack of water firefighters desperately needed to put out the fires.

Now the vultures are encircling the land of Lahaina amidst the carnage that has rendered survivors of the blaze homeless.  While the governor has stated he is “thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land,” predatory developers are attempting to gobble up valuable real estate from desperate victims of the disaster.

Skepticism abounds about the future of Lahaina since the devastation conveniently cleared the way for “sustainable development” of a dystopian smart city in pursuit of the local government’s “Cities Race to Zero” pledge to meet UN 2030 Agenda and Paris Climate Agreement goals.

At every level, it has become clear that Maui residents were sacrificed at the hands of government officials who value climatism over the preservation of human life and dignity.

The Carr & Camp Fires

The deadly Carr and Camp fires of California should have been a wake-up call to state and local governments nationwide.  The devastation caused by the fires was most certainly due in large part to dangerous environmental policies and obstructive bureaucracy.

In July of 2018, a ferocious blaze known as the Carr fire began to rip through 229,000 acres of California’s landscape, destroying nearly 1,100 homes and killing 7 people, 3 of whom were firefighters.  It was the most destructive fire in the history of the National Park System and the 9th most devastating fire in California’s history.

Just a few months later in November of 2018, another monstrous inferno scorched 153,000 acres, destroying more than 18,000 structures, and killing 85 people (with 1 person still missing.)  It was the deadliest fire in United States history since 1918, until it was recently surpassed by the fires that tore through Lahaina, and it remains the most deadly and destructive fire in California’s history.

In both events, every level of government was fully aware of the fire risks yet refused to take the necessary steps to preserve life by preventing the catastrophes.

In the case of the Carr fire, inadequate funding and obstruction of fire prevention practices through lengthy reviews and environmentalist pushback in public hearings, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, over permits to clear the brush along roadsides led to overgrowth along California highways that would inevitably fuel the firestorm.  And overregulation of permits meant that controlled burns were restricted to only a handful of days in the year under California’s air quality law.

In the case of the catastrophic Camp Fire, renewable energy investments took precedent over the safety and reliability of the existing power grid, much like the recent Maui fires.  California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard required that 50% of the state’s overall electricity must be derived from renewable sources by 2030, and Senate Bill 100, which passed just prior to the massive blaze, mandated that 100% of California’s electricity convert to renewables by 2045.

State officials pressured California’s Pacific Gas & Electric company (PG&E) to redirect resources from electric grid maintenance in pursuit of meeting ambitious “green” energy goals.  And in the year leading up to the deadly disaster, PG&E allocated $44 billion toward renewable energy purchase agreements while investing only $1.5 billion in maintenance expenses to prevent fires.  The billions diverted to the renewable energy boondoggle could have been distributed to much needed repairs of the power grid, and PG&E pleaded guilty to 84 separate counts of manslaughter over faulty equipment they claim started the fire.

However, there is an abundance of skepticism about the real causes of the recent fires in California and Maui, and theories of arson or directed energy weapons have circulated amidst a growing distrust of the government to exploit catastrophic fires as a means to push more climate alarmism.

Regardless, the fact still remains that years of mismanagement and neglect due to environmental policies were a leading cause of the spread of the fires that torched hundreds of thousands of acres, wiped whole towns off the map, and snuffed out more than 90 precious lives.

The Satartia CO2 Pipeline Explosion

Climate zealots have demonized CO2 as the culprit of menacing climate doom, though over 1600 scientists and industry professionals have signed a joint declaration stating, “There is no climate emergency,” and CO2 is crucial for the survival of mankind.  But the survival of *most* of mankind is not of concern to worshipers of the climate cult who hold deeply anti-human beliefs, and sacrificing human lives for the sake of eliminating evil carbon dioxide is a price they are perfectly willing to pay.  Dangerous carbon capture projects are underway around the country, despite warnings by a little-known community called Satartia.

In February of 2020, inhabitants of Satartia, Mississippi witnessed a plume billowing into the sky from an explosion of a CO2 pipeline that snaked beneath the ground of their quiet town.  Within a matter of moments, the foul-smelling green fog rendered nearby residents unconscious, convulsing and unable to breathe.

Calls poured into the 911 center from confused and terrified locals as the pipeline spewed noxious gas for four hours.  Emergency response vehicles were crippled by the CO2 lingering in the air.  The carbon dioxide displaced the oxygen in the air necessary for combustion engines to work, disabling means of escape or aid.   First responders were perplexed.  “It looked like you were going through the zombie apocalypse,” said the county’s emergency director, as disoriented drivers abandoned their cars and wandered aimlessly in the dark.  Though operators at Denbury Gulf Coast Pipelines were immediately notified of the rupture, they failed to alert local emergency responders of the imminent dangers.

Although only 42 residents occupy the small community of Satartia, 45 people were hospitalized and about 250 were evacuated from the surrounding area.  Years later, many still suffer from debilitating side effects of their exposure to the poisonous fumes.  Some depended on oxygen tanks for several months after the disaster, while others continue to battle chronic respiratory problems.  Some victims of the catastrophe are still plagued with headaches, muscle tremors and cognitive issues.

Denbury boasts that it is the “leader in Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage,” with “the world’s largest CO2 pipeline network.”  Their pipeline near Satartia funnels carbon dioxide contaminated with hydrogen sulfide from Mississippi’s Jackson Dome volcanic cavity to an oilfield over 30 miles away for enhanced oil extraction.  The rotten egg odor of the hydrogen sulfide forewarned Satartia residents, likely saving lives, as the CO2 leak would otherwise have been odorless and extreme exposure could have asphyxiated victims without warning.

The Satartia incident was the first known mass poisoning from CO2 pipes in the world, and it has become a harbinger of what’s to come for the Biden regime’s scheme to expand carbon capture networks nationwide.

While the self-described carbon capture leader, Denbury, currently owns or operates 1,300 of the existing 5,000 miles of CO2 pipelines in the U.S., transporting about 240 million cubic feet of carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery, the company intends to capitalize on the burgeoning carbon capture industry as the Biden regime’s Department of Energy is eager to build out a spiderweb of pipelines across the country.

The $1.2 trillion monstrosity known as the “Build Back Better” Infrastructure Bill set aside $12 billion for carbon management projects, squandering $251 million for carbon capture in seven states last May and another $1.2 billion in August.  Likewise, the laughably entitled “Inflation Reduction Act,” which was nothing more than a Biden regime spending spree to the tune of $783 billion, greatly extended tax credits to support the expansion of the carbon capture industry.

Despite the facts that CO2 pipelines pose significant hazards, remain under-regulated, have a failing tracking record, and waste billions of taxpayer dollars, so-called “experts” claim another 60,000 miles of CO2 pipes must spread across the United States by 2050, while other “experts” argue the pipes would have to exceed the capacity of the current petroleum pipelines, which reach 2.6 million miles, to have any perceived impact on climate change.

At any rate, the warnings by the people of Satartia, Mississippi have fallen on deaf ears as the Biden regime plows forward with their plans to build carbon capture networks, which will inevitably put many more Americans in small towns across the country at risk of another deadly CO2 explosion.

Electric Vehicle Fires

Fires and explosions have plagued the electric vehicle industry as well, and fire departments are ill-prepared to handle their widespread use, as the lithium-ion batteries pose unique fire hazards that endanger the lives of citizens and first responders.  Lithium-ion battery fires are known to burn faster, hotter, and longer, oftentimes reigniting, or even exploding.

Last June, flames engulfed an e-bike shop in New York’s Chinatown that swiftly spread to the apartments above, killing four and seriously injuring two others.  The FDNY Commissioner remarked that, “The sheer volume of fire is incredibly dangerous. It can make it nearly impossible to get out in time.”  In April, the lithium-ion battery of an e-bike sparked a firestorm of a multi-family unit in Queens, where a father and three of his children narrowly escaped.  Two of his children perished in the flames.  The FDNY chief stated, “the way these fires occur, it’s like an explosion of fire.”  In August, yet another fire caused by a lithium-ion battery claimed the life of a 93-year-old woman in Queens.

Fires caused by lithium-ion batteries are on the rise, especially in large cities like New York.  In 2022, New York City responded to 220 flames induced by these batteries, which resulted in the deaths of six people and so far in 2023, thirteen others died from 108 similar disasters.  “In all of these fires, these lithium-ion fires, it is not a slow burn; there’s not a small amount of fire, it literally explodes,” the FDNY Commissioner remarked, adding, “It’s a tremendous volume of fire as soon as it happens, and it’s very difficult to extinguish and so it’s particularly dangerous.”

While the “experts” claim that EV fires are “rare events,” the reality is that electric vehicles make up about 1% of automobiles on American roads, and as their market share increases, so will the number of disasters.  “The more [lithium-ion] batteries that surround us the more incidents we will see” stated the vice president of the Fire Safety Research Institute.  Making matters worse, is the murky data to support claims that EV fires are rare.  The National Fire Incident Reporting System has historically merged combustible engine and EV fires together, and the fire data of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is slim, outdated, and limited to deadly highway crashes.

Despite the myriad of problems they present, the market for electric vehicles has gained ground. The roughly 3.5 million electric and hybrid vehicles registered in America in 2022 is six times greater than in 2016.  And the Biden regime has set aggressive targets for half of all new vehicles sold in the country to be electric by 2030, placing pressure on automakers to crank out EVs, with less focus on first responder training for the unique fire hazards that they pose.

Aside from the tendencies of lithium-ion batteries to spark a chain reaction of “thermal runaway” resulting in fires or explosions, the push to force EVs onto the public is “doomed to fail” over a number of other problems facing the EV industry.  For starters, they’re too expensive and it could take up to a decade for drivers, who are saving on gas, to break even.  Then there’s the issue of infrastructure.  There simply aren’t enough charging stations to meet that kind of demand.  And even if there were, it would place serious strain on the power grid, bringing EV drivers to a screeching halt.  Last year in California, residents were pressured to avoid charging their EVs under threats of rolling blackouts amidst a heatwave that caused a surge in demand on the grid.  This came just the state announced their plans to place even more pressure on the power grid by banning the sales of gas-powered cars by 2035.  Several other states planned to follow suit, but the House passed a bill to prohibit states from limiting the sales of gas-powered vehicles.

And what about the scarcity of minerals to make the lithium-ion batteries or dependence on our adversary, China, which dominates the supply chains? More importantly, do climate zealots even care about the horrors of child labor in the cobalt mines of the Congo that feed into those supply chains? The Democratic Republic of the Congo provides about 70% of the world’s supply of cobalt to produce lithium-ion batteries that power phones and electric vehicles.  Up to 2,000 modern day slaves, ridiculously referred to as “artisanal miners,” die each year under barbaric conditions.  The truth of the matter is that the EV industry is powered by “blood batteries,” just so oblivious environmentalists can feel virtuous about somehow “saving the planet.”

The caution signs are all around us.  But tunnel-visioned climate alarmists insist we must race down this road to disaster while all the casualties incurred along the way drift out of focus.

Freezing & Famine

Europe’s Energy Crisis & The Great Texas Freeze

The deaths of thousands of Europeans are at the hands of policymakers over disastrous climate and energy policies that have been compounded by the proxy war against Russia.  Climate doomsdayers in power created a perfect storm for an energy shortage in EU countries which drove electricity prices through the roof, shut down scores small businesses, and forced citizens to use firewood to heat their homes last winter.

By some estimations, up to 68,000 Europeans may have died last winter due to high energy prices.  One study found that among all European countries, there were about 149,000 excess deaths from November 2022 to February 2023, a rise of 8%, and those countries with the highest excess deaths also suffered from drastic increases in fuel costs. (The study, however, did not take into consideration the number of excess deaths due to the Covid injection.)

Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that thousands of senseless deaths were brought on, in part, by inadequate heating. “High energy prices can cost lives,” the study remarked, adding that policymakers “discourage people from heating their homes properly, and living in cold conditions raises the risk of cardiac and respiratory problems.”  Were it not for the relatively mild winter last year, the casualties could have been even higher.

Demand for firewood in Germany last year climbed so dramatically that there was none left to buy, and German citizens took matters into their own hands by cutting down trees ahead of the winter months.  The energy shortages Germany has faced have been largely self-inflicted due to a series of failed policy decisions by the climate zealots in charge.

Before March 2011, the country obtained 25% of its electricity from 17 nuclear reactors, but moved to shut down nuclear power plants in the years to follow, with the last three remaining plants closed in April of this year.  As a result, Germany became increasingly dependent on Russian fossil fuels, which abruptly dried up amidst the proxy war. (Of course, the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines didn’t help matters.)

Meanwhile, climate alarmists have poured hundreds of billions of dollars into Germany’s version of the Green New Deal, selling nonsensical utopian dreams of somehow generating 80% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. And Europe’s energy supply continues to face volatility as we head into another cold season, spelling potential catastrophe yet again for their citizens.

Prioritizing investments in “green” energy over mitigating risks is a lesson Texas had to learn the hard way. In February 2021, the state’s wind turbines froze up amidst a record-breaking winter storm known as “The Great Texas Freeze.”  To be fair, the storm also took natural gas, coal, and nuclear power plants offline, which made a greater impact.  Officials failed to require them to weatherize equipment, even after a devastating winter storm caused blackouts ten years prior.  But the catastrophe that plunged millions of Texans into freezing darkness served as a cautionary tail for placing focus on unreliable energy sources rather than on shoring up vulnerabilities in the existing grid.

While officials confirmed the death toll from the freeze reached 246, others estimate the storm claimed the lives of up to 700. The husband of one victim stated over a lawsuit he filed against the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) that, “They didn’t want to spend the money to fix the system… It’s negligent homicide.”  Facing blowback from the power grid failure, lawmakers placed mandates on power plants to winterize and the governor directed immediate action on “the development and maintenance of adequate and reliable sources of power, like natural gas, coal, and nuclear power.”

Texas, which is abundant in natural resources and the leading producer of natural gas, had prioritized wind energy over the previous 15 years, and wind power became the fastest-growing sector to supply energy to their power grid.  In 2015, the Texas power grid received 11% of its energy from wind and by 2020 that share increased to 23%, surpassing coal as the second largest energy sector to feed into Texas’ power grid following natural gas.  Despite the deadly storm that forced the failures of wind energy into the national spotlight in 2021, Texas led the country that same year in new renewable energy projects and the state now leads the country in wind energy production.

In the aftermath of the storm, the CEO of one Texas power company told lawmakers part of the problem is that, “We are replacing a lot of assets that can perform when you ask them to with renewables.” And he likened the closures of fossil fuel power plants in recent years while renewable facilities were opened to “watching a train wreck happen” in slow motion.

Apparently, as for many of the policymakers in power, their religion of climatism has taken precedence over the warmth of our homes on a frosty night or even our survival through winter.

Farming in the Netherlands & Sri Lanka

Of all the casualties incurred by anti-human climate cult policies, the global war on farming is by far the most lethal.  Government land grabs of vast swaths of farmland and drastic reductions in fossil fuels that provide fertilizer, power equipment and transport produce to feed a world of 8 billion people could lead to mass starvation around the globe.  Yet the very serious potential of food shortages and famine is of little concern to environmental zealots who believe humans are the cause of looming climate catastrophe and depopulation is a necessary evil.

The Netherlands have become the testing grounds for the globalists’ war on farming, as farmers in the country, which is a leading exporter of agricultural products, are systematically being forced off their lands.  Up to 3,000 Dutch livestock farmers, which the climate catastrophists in control have deemed to be “peak polluters,” may lose their family lands and livelihoods.  In May, the EU approved a scheme to compel Dutch farmers to give up their lands through buyouts of up to 120% of their value.  As for the farmers who hold out, they risk forced removal.  The Dutch government said last year that if the voluntary buyout scheme fails, “forced buyouts” would follow.

The removal of Dutch farmers from their lands is part of the EU’s Natura 2000 scheme, which is the “largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world,” spanning across 18% of EU lands and encroaching on Dutch farms which have been demonized as evil polluters.  The Dutch government aims to slash emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia by 50% by 2030, thereby devastating the livestock sector. By 2030, the ruling class in the Netherlands plans to reduce livestock by a third. Furthermore, the EU is committed to aggressive targets for globalist control over 30% of all lands and waters within its borders for “conservation” by 2030.  More than 100 countries around the world, including the U.S., are preparing to do the same.

The war on farming, which brought Dutch farmers into the international spotlight, has been exported to nations worldwide.  While the criminal climate cartel targets agriculture for creating 33% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, this death cult makes no consideration for agriculture sustaining the lives of  100% of the global population.  Radical government measures to reduce emissions in the agricultural sector imposed by environmentalist elites will inevitably lead to poverty and starvation on a scale never seen before in our lifetimes.  To imagine the impacts of such policies, we need only to look to Sri Lanka as an example.

Drastic government mandates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Sri Lanka’s agricultural sector was a major factor in the island nation’s humanitarian crisis of extreme inflation, poverty, and hunger, which led to political unrest.  In April 2021, the Sri Lankan president imposed a nationwide ban on the importation and use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  The more than 90% of farmers in the country who depended on chemical fertilizers were forced to go organic.  In a 2018 World Economic Forum article, the prime minister boasted about how his transformative policies would make the country richer by 2025 and the country celebrated a near perfect ESG score just prior to its collapse.  But the globalists’ praise meant nothing to the people of Sri Lanka who suffered immeasurably from their government’s failed policies.

The agricultural sector of Sri Lanka makes up a critical part of their economy. Up to 70% of their population financially depends (directly or indirectly) on the country’s agricultural yields.  The nation consistently proved to be self-sufficient in the production of rice, a staple of their diet, using nitrogen fertilizer.  And Sri Lanka depends on tea as a top export for revenue.  The mandates devastated the production of both.  Within six months, rice yields fell by 20% and the country was forced to buy $450 million in rice as domestic prices soared by 50%. Tea exports crashed by 18% to their lowest levels in 23 years. Food prices skyrocketed by 80%, their annual inflation rose to an all-time high of almost 55%, half a million Sri Lankans were plunged into poverty, and the country went bankrupt.

Struggling to survive amidst historically high food and fuel prices, the people of Sri Lanka had enough.  They rose up in mass, occupying the presidential palace, and forcing the president to flee and resign.  Conveniently, the former prime minister and WEF acolyte assumed the role as the new acting president and shortly thereafter, forced a digital ID system onto citizens for gas rationing.

A paper entitled “Challenging ‘Net Zero’ with Science,” written by top climate scientists of the CO2 Coalition, remarked that the calamity brought on by climatism in Sri Lanka is a “red alert,” adding that “’The world has just witnessed the collapse of the once bountiful agricultural sector of Sri Lanka as a result of government restrictions on mineral fertilizer.’  The government of Sri Lanka banned the use of fossil fuel derived nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, with disastrous consequences on food supply there. If similarly misguided decisions are made eliminating fossil fuels and thus nitrogen fertilizer, there will be a starvation crisis worldwide. It is critical to repeat: Eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides will create worldwide starvation. And scientifically there is no risk of catastrophic global warming caused by fossil fuels and CO2.”  The report estimated that the elimination of fossil fuels and implementation of Net Zero policies would leave half of the global population, 4 billion people, without enough food to eat.

The globalists’ war on the food supply in the name of “saving the planet” can only be described as criminal, diabolical, genocidal, and downright evil.

Final Thoughts

From the devastation in Maui to the worldwide war on farming, we are witnessing the Green New Death sweep across the globe like a plague.  And if globalists gain power under the guise of perpetual emergencies, then we should expect more engineered catastrophes to push the climate agenda forward. How many more lives will be needlessly extinguished over anti-human policies of the environmental alarmists?  At what point will we collectively realize that climate catastrophism is the new face of a very old death cult, and WE are the carbon they want to reduce?



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This Long Plotted World Takeover Scheme Is More Advanced Than Any Normal Human Can Fathom

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control. Do I mean a conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, incredibly evil in intent.”

~ Rep. Larry P. MacDonald (Note: Lawrence McDonald was killed (likely murdered) on Korean Air Lines 007, 1983, a few months after making this statement.)

To begin, I will preface my remarks by saying that this is an attempt to explain in simple terms, very complicated financial and economic crimes being used against Americans, and also against the entire world population, in order to create and sustain total control over humanity. This is meant to manifest itself in the concept of one world governance, the ‘Great Reset,’ or the New World Order. This may seem a bold statement; it is not, but once you understand that everything that has happened over many decades is linked, especially since the plotted and premeditated false flag event called ‘9/11,’ you should be able to recognize the massive number of obvious connections that are incredibly evil.

It has recently become more prevalent by mostly alternative news sites and bloggers, to put forth the notion that many are waking up, and that the people are winning the battle for freedom. In my opinion, this is just not so, and in fact is misleading, as false hope is the driving force of this thinking. It is evident that more are claiming to be against government tyranny, but absolutely nothing has been done to reduce or eliminate the power of the State at any level to date. In addition, the nefarious efforts of the State and its controllers continue to expand, and the drive toward more draconian policies is never-ending. In the current environment, it is not known what the reaction by the masses might be considering the vast and imminent array of so-called ’emergencies’ that are certain to arise as this controlling cabal seeks to advance its agendas, but if the past is any indication, compliance should be expected.

The takeover framework of these ruling psychopaths is based always on the prototype of problem-reaction-solution, of which all are fake premeditated events and false emergencies; conspiracies in fact, meant to instill fear, hatred, or confusion, so that the State can pretend to come to the rescue of its hapless slave-class. This strategy has worked most every time it has been tried to date, and the herd continues to simply go along, regardless of the erroneous rhetoric being spewed that this populace is winning. It is not, and so long as the State continues and succeeds in its push to remake and transform society, whether psychologically, financially, or economically, the power of the ruling class and its governing system, will advance its wealth transfers, its monetary monopoly, and its depopulation efforts.

Psychological manipulation and control is necessary in order for the State thugs to accomplish their mission of world takeover, but financial and economic control is mandatory. This brings us to the real question; who owns and controls this world? It is certainly the big banking cartels, including all central banks, the large corporate magnates, the government protected NGO foundations, and of course, the entire global asset industry, which by 2020 controlled well over $100 trillion dollars. But who owns and controls all of these entities? Who has controlling interest in everything on earth? That is Blackrock and The Vanguard Group, and as I explained a year ago:

“There are a few thousand institutional investment firms that own every large bank, every large corporation, every large investment firm, every ‘news’ outlet, every large communication company, every large pharmaceutical company, every large transportation company; in other words, most every large company on earth is owned by these institutional investors. In turn, the small institutional investment firms are owned by larger institutional investment firms, and the larger investment firms, are owned by even larger investment firms. The two institutional investment companies that are the major owners and controllers of all the others in the world are Vanguard Holdings and Blackrock, and Vanguard is the largest shareholder (owner) of Blackrock. What this means is that Vanguard and Blackrock own and control this planet.”

The current CEO of Vanguard is Tim Buckley, and of course, the head and founder of the powerful Blackrock institution is Larry Fink. It should be noted that Fink and Blackrock have attained a position of extreme and almost infinite power over finance and economics, and according to many are now the fourth branch of government. The connections of Fink are incredibly telling of the power wielded by Blackrock. Blackrock effectively has control of the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury, as well as banks around the world. It should be noted that Fink was appointed to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Board on August 22, 2019, the onset of the fraudulent ‘covid pandemic,’ which was set up, solidified, and begun, the same month that Fink took his seat on the board of the WEF. To gain a full picture of Fink and Blackrock’s history through today, watch this superb documentary by James Corbett; “How Blackrock Conquered the World.” In it, Corbett explains with full reference in video and text, how the entire ‘covid’ hoax was staged, and was first and foremost a financial takeover coup led by Blackrock. This connection of dots and people is of vital importance.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very simplistic view of events, but it is necessary to tie a few things together in order that all can be seen to be completely connected; which would indicate a vast conspiracy that has been propagated over a long period of time. All so-called ’emergencies’ since the fraudulent 9/11 inside job, have much in common, and why would they not, as the main agenda of world governing domination was always the goal sought. Consider just three events, but there are many, many more, over that time.

The buildings that came down on 9/11 were turned into powder, an impossibility with fire caused by jet fuel. Consider that cars far away from any fire were burned to nothing, with melted metal, aluminum, windshield glass; all as if by spontaneous combustion. But the same thing happened in the Paradise, California fires in 2018, with many similarities, including the incredible damage to automobiles not even in the path of fires that had to be well above any heat level of a wildfire. The same also just occurred this past month in Lahaina, Hawaii. How could this be? It could not, unless similar or exact methods of destruction were plotted beforehand, and carried out by criminal State (military) means. And this is happening around the world as well, all falsely explained away by the complicit and controlled mainstream media.

One very telling aspect of all these bogus ’emergencies,’ from 9/11 to Maui, is that Wall Street and the financial firms, the institutional asset firms, central banks, defense contractors, and military-controlled tech companies, and of course this includes Blackrock, tended to gain huge profits, capture (steal through land grabs) more property, government contracts, and massive bailout money, while walking away from disaster far richer and more powerful than ever before possible. This happened with 9/11, the 2008 finance and housing collapse, the fake ‘covid’ plot, and now with the ultimate weapon against humanity, the completely illegitimate ‘climate change’ agenda; and this agenda placed Blackrock at the top of the heap worldwide, of this criminal fraud.

Each and every emergency brings about a bigger and more powerful State, more restrictions, more regulation, more mandates, more lockdowns, less travel, and more surveillance and censorship. This is all by design, and never coincidental or accidental, as all is a deliberate plot against humanity. Regardless of political considerations or parties, this assault against us all is ongoing, and forever expanding. Every incident, every manipulation, every ’emergency,’ has been planned far in advance, and the world takeover is now closer at hand.

While the state continues to build its new world order, the general population is consumed by one after another false flag event, claimed ’emergency,’ or new ‘threat,’ as stated by the ruling class bent on taking over the world. While the masses are at each other’s throats, the state continues its drive toward total domination. What this indicates is that the people are complicit in their own slavery due to their inability to see the big picture, while concentrating on every distraction thrown at them by this evil ruling force.

What is being ignored is that this world has already been taken over and is being fully controlled by the very few, and the fighting of one against another is continuing to aid in this takeover plot. By concentrating on each and every tyrannical distraction, the people have left themselves open to dictatorial management, and in the process have lost all ability to stop the totalitarian usurpation of their lives and property at the hands of the financial cabal bent on world rule.

By treating each indiscretion as independent of the real agenda being sought, nothing is being done to stop the state in its efforts to fully control all people on earth. By participating in the political and ‘voting’ process; a process designed and implemented for the single purpose of control, by concentrating on the political side shows, by attempting to use corrupt government courts to gain redress from tyrannical maneuvers, by accepting the ruling system as legitimate, by allowing the Federal Reserve and all banks the ability to monitor and control assets through complete digitization, the lowly people are digging their own graves.

It may already be too late to continue this asinine exercise in futility, as the ruling class few are in control of the systems that will allow them to complete their takeover plot. The only answer to this evil attempt to destroy us in favor of the few most powerful, is to negate all government, to negate and abolish the federal reserve system, to disallow any and all control by the banking cartels, to stop any and all efforts to monopolize the economic and monetary system’s efforts to create and implement any central bank digital currencies, and to not accept any new feigned emergency concerning health, fake ‘climate change,’ war threats, unnatural events, or any other intentional  criminal acts meant to cause undue fear among the seemingly helpless proletariat.

The people are not winning; they are losing, but this deadly assault on humanity can still be reversed if even a small majority stand up and take responsibility for their own lives and freedom. If the current trend continues, if the bulk of this population persists in hiding from the truth, if most expect others to save them, all will be lost, but if any true actionable awakening by large numbers becomes evident, the state will fold. This will never happen with any election, and no politician can change the course we are on, as depending on any  master participating in this evil governing system, is the epitome of failure, and can only lead to eternal enslavement.

 “The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by a World Government, a New World Order.”

~ Henry A. Kissinger

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First Major U.S. City Imposes WEF’s Ban on Meat & Private Car Ownership

By Hunter Fielding,

Phoenix, Arizona has become the first major U.S. city to impose the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) total ban on meat, dairy, and private car ownership to fight “global warming.”

However, many legal experts are warning the move is unconstitutional.

The Democrat mayor of Phoenix Kate Gallego says she wants to fast-track the WEF’s radical agenda so that the city is fully compliant with WEF policies well ahead of the 2030 deadline set for the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

C40 Cities is a group of American cities that signed a WEF treaty that legally compels them to ban meat, dairy, and private car ownership by the year 2030.

Globalist politicians around the world have all agreed to ban members of the public from consuming meat and dairy and banning them from owning cars by 2030.

C40 Cities also placed strict limits on the number of items of clothing people can purchase each year, and severely restricts air travel to once every three years.

The new rules suggest that members of the public should “wear a uniform” to reduce fashion-based clothing needs.

The organization is headed by billionaire globalist Democrat Mike Bloomberg, according to Slay News.

Much of the funding comes from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

As of August 4, 2023, C40 has a membership with “mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to confront the climate crisis,” according to the group’s website.

The organization’s webpage advocates for a “Global Green New Deal” that “lays out a set of principles to be adopted by cities worldwide and takes a collaborative approach to climate action.”

These include:

Principles of the Global Green New Deal

  1. We recognise the global climate emergency.
  2. We are committed to keeping global heating below the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement by curbing emissions in the sectors that are the most significant contributors to the climate crisis: transportation, buildings, and waste.
  3. We are committed to putting inclusive climate action at the centre of all urban decision-making to create thriving and equitable communities for everyone.
  4. We invite our partners – political leaders, CEOs, trade unions, investors, and civil society – to join us in recognising the global climate emergency and help us deliver on science-based action to overcome it.

Phoenix Mayor Gallego, a member of C40 since 2020, now serves as “Vice Chair of the C40 Steering Committee,” which” provides strategic oversight to ensure C40’s mission and mandate are directly driven by and responsive to the needs of C40 cities.”

Their mission and mandate include a Race to Zero global campaign to reach net-zero carbon emissions in 1,000 cities worldwide and “sustainable food policies” that support “an overall increase of healthy plant-based food consumption in our cities by shifting away from unsustainable, unhealthy diets,” A.K.A. carnivorous diets.

This also comes as Arizona’s Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs recently declared a “heat state of emergency,” mainly in Phoenix.

Many argue that the move from Hobbs is likely meant to accelerate the implementation of these radical “climate” policies.

Jeff Caldwell with published more on his research into the City of Phoenix and Mayor Kate Gallego’s agenda “to reduce meat consumption” in Arizona.

Arizona patriots showed up to give public comment at a recent Phoenix City Council meeting and reportedly “told the mayor they do not support policies banning meat.”

Later that day, the nervous Phoenix mayor posted a bizarre photo on Twitter/X.

In the post, Gallego claimed she is not working to ban meat or milk.

In the poorly staged propaganda photo, Gallego is seen pouring milk into a bowl and seemingly “enjoying cereal” with a knife.


Global Takeover Advances to Final Stages

From Dr. Mercola:

Story at-a-glance

  • The World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the global One Health agenda are all part of a soft coup, a global power grab
  • The globalists’ plan for our future can be summarized as “global dominion by the few and total control of the masses”
  • The technocratic cabal has control over most if not all Western governments, as well as the bureaucratic structure of the WHO; 85% of its funding comes from private entities, so it’s owned by private interests
  • Based on the current treaty draft and proposed IHR amendments, it’s clear that mRNA-based vaccinations will be mandatory under the WHO’s power structure, and these vaccines will be made in 100 days by skipping human trials and shaving safety and efficacy testing down to the bare bones
  • Under the treaty, as currently written, nations will be required to surveil and censor social media. The WHO’s narrative will be the only one allowed

In this September 1, 2023, Highwire interview,1 Dr. Meryl Nass, a biowarfare and epidemics expert, exposes the threat posed by the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs), which add to and further strengthen the WHO’s powers under the treaty. The WHO’s One Health agenda is also part of this power grab.

Nass also recently published an article, “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Manmade Pandemics,”2,3 in which she reviews the history of biological warfare and the role of gain-of-function research, where we are right now, and what the globalists’ plan for our future is. It’s imperative everyone understand what the plan is, because we can only stop it by rejecting it en masse.

Nass Persecuted by Lawless State Medical Board

But first, Nass provides an update on her personal situation. In January 2022, the Maine medical board suspended Nass’ medical license for spreading “COVID misinformation” and prescribing ivermectin. They also ordered her to undergo a psychological evaluation by a board-selected psychologist.4 Nass refused.

As she points out in the interview, “misinformation” refers to information that may be mistaken or inaccurate, but being wrong is not a crime — no matter how badly government wants you to think it is.

We have the First Amendment — freedom of speech — for a reason. Government does not have the legal right to suppress our speech, and the medical board is a state government agency. So, by censoring doctors like Nass and punishing them for speaking their minds and sharing medical and scientific data, they are actually the ones breaking the law.

Nass didn’t, because there’s no law against sharing information, even if it is suspected of being incorrect, or can be proven to be wrong. And, in this case, the board is actually punishing her for sharing truths.

So, in mid-August 2023, Nass sued the Maine medical board, and every board member in their personal capacity, for violating her free speech rights.5

“Telling me that I can’t talk about the vaccine or I can’t talk about the treatment of COVID or masks or distancing, even when the things that I was saying were based on published medical literature, that is a First Amendment violation,” Nass said in a statement.

“The state government and the federal government are not allowed to restrict the speech of people. So we are looking for a jury trial to see whether the Board of Licensure in Medicine is guilty of a malicious, political prosecution and targeting of me.”

The Plan in Broad Strokes

So, what is the globalists plan for our future? Summarized into as few words as possible: global dominion by the few and total control of the masses.

As explained by Nass, the COVID pandemic showed us that the technocratic cabal has control over most if not all Western governments. World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has even bragged about how his Young Global Leaders have “penetrated” governments of the world.6

The technocratic cabal also has control over the bureaucratic structure of the WHO. Eighty-five percent of the WHO’s funding comes from private entities, most of which is earmarked for specific programs. “So, the WHO is already owned by private interests,” Nass says.

According to the WHO, the reason the COVID pandemic got so bad is because nations failed to cooperate. Hence, the reasoning goes, we need an international treaty that centralizes pandemic response powers to the WHO. The problem, of course, is that most nations did follow the WHO’s irrational and unscientific recommendations. Its ineptitude — whether intentional or not — is what destroyed economies and resulted in needless deaths.

Based on the current treaty draft and proposed IHR amendments, it’s clear that mRNA-based vaccinations will be mandatory under the WHO’s power structure, and these vaccines will be made in 100 days rather than 10 years by skipping human trials and shaving safety and efficacy testing down to the bare bones.

The WHO will also decide which medications can be used in medical emergencies, and which you cannot have. In other words, the WHO director-general will decide the health care for every person in every member state, and your local doctor will be required to follow his edicts. You’ll have no medical freedom or bodily autonomy anymore.

Nations will also be forced to implement massive nationwide biosurveillance programs to identify potential pathogens with pandemic potential. This will include swabbing and testing humans, domesticated animals, farm animals, wildlife, farms, factories, wastewater and more, and the chances of finding a pathogen with pandemic potential if searching for it in every nook and cranny of the world are 100%.

The WHO director-general will then have the sole authority to declare a pandemic, or even potential pandemic, at which point all decision-making powers fall under the WHO. However, there are no standards that must be met before a public health emergency can be declared.

The way these documents are written, the director-general can even act on what amounts to hearsay. He doesn’t have to have proof that a pandemic is imminent or in progress. He can act on suspicion. Even more disturbing, the treaty will be in force all the time, so the director-general doesn’t even need to declare an emergency. He will have the authority to dictate public health even when there’s no pandemic. That’s how far-reaching this treaty is.

Nations will also be required to surveil and censor social media. The WHO’s narrative will be the only one allowed. YouTube has already implemented this policy, even though the treaty is not even in place yet.

The History of Biological Warfare and How We Got Here

Nass also reviews the history of biological weapons and why we’re in a situation now where most of the pandemics that have occurred are basically the result of biological weapons development.

In 1969, President Nixon announced the U.S. would end its offensive biowarfare program. This was a strategic rather than altruistic move, because the U.S. was far ahead of other nations when it came to chemical and nuclear weapons. By banning biological weapons, which are relatively simple and inexpensive to create, the U.S. would gain a strategic advantage on the global stage.

Nixon initiated the first global treaty to prevent the creation and use of biological weapons in 1972. The Biological Weapons Convention took effect three years later, in 1975. However, in 1973, genetic engineering was discovered, which suddenly allowed the U.S. to gain a technological advantage that would allow us to make better and more precise biological weapons.

The problem with the Biological Weapons Convention is that there’s no enforcement. To be effective and verifiable, a nation needs to be able to challenge another nation and have the right to carry out inspections, and add sanctions in cases of noncompliance. But this enforcement method was not included, and the U.S. has blocked all efforts to add enforcement articles to the treaty since 1991. So, as explained by Nass:7

“Under the guise of preparing their defenses against biowarfare and pandemics, nations have conducted ‘dual-use’ (both offensive and defensive) research and development, which has led to the creation of more deadly and more transmissible microorganisms. And employing new verbiage to shield this effort from scrutiny, biological warfare research was named ‘gain-of-function’ research.”

SARS-CoV-2, for example, appears to be the direct result of gain-of-function research. As noted by Nass, it has “unusual homologies (identical short segments of nucleotides) to human tissues and the HIV virus, which may have caused or contributed to the late autoimmune stage of illness, an impaired immune response and ‘long COVID.’”

As such, SARS-CoV-2 is a biological weapon. David Martin, Ph.D., has also done many interviews, speeches and lectures exposing COVID-19 as a biological warfare crime.

Are We Funding Public Health or Bioweapons Development?

As noted in Nass’ article, funding for natural epidemics, such as seasonal influenza, has been lumped together with biodefense funding, which hides the cost of our nation’s bioweapons development, because in reality, “biodefense” is “bioweapons development.”

And, while bioweapons development is dangerous and violates the international treaty, biodefense is useless and a complete waste of money, so it’s a lose-lose proposition for taxpayers.

In March 2023, former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield testified before Congress stating that gain-of-function research had never, to his knowledge, resulted in a single beneficial drug, vaccine or therapeutic.8

In other words, while they conduct this research under the guise of “defense,” all gain-of-function research is biological weapons research and has no beneficial public health applications.

The WHO treaty makes matters even worse by requiring member nations to look for pathogens with pandemic potential, and when they find them, to share them, and any research done on them, with everyone else.

So, the WHO treaty quite literally promotes the proliferation of biological weapons, and opens the door wide to biological weapons research and testing. This will also remove the ability to cast blame on any particular nation for starting a pandemic (read unleash a biological weapon), as everyone is working with the same pathogens.

The treaty also requires nations to eliminate administrative hurdles to gain-of-function research on pathogens with pandemic potential, when we really need far more stringent regulations on this type of work, if we’re going to engage in it at all.

So, the WHO treaty will move us in the complete opposite direction of where we actually need to go if we want to prevent future pandemics. To prevent them, we need to stop gain-of-function research, because that’s the greatest pandemic threat out there.

Pandemic Preparedness Is a Smokescreen

Similarly, the idea that the world can prepare ahead of time for a global pandemic is “a smokescreen behind which lies a fascist approach to social management,” Nass writes. She adds:9

“There’s no known way to prevent pandemics, and the methods that governments are spending money on are actually going to make this problem a great deal worse.

The concept of a ‘response’: withholding cheap, available generic drugs in favor of the warp speed development of patentable drugs and vaccines, which will undergo minimal testing and have no liability, is another disaster in the making.”

Our Health Agencies Are Selling Us Out

Importantly, the U.S. government — including our health agencies — have been central in developing and writing these documents, which strips us of our sovereignty as a nation, bodily autonomy as a people, along with freedom, human rights and democracy in general.

Indeed, the IHR amendments specifically remove the need to respect “human rights, dignity and freedom of persons” during public health emergencies. This deletion did not go unnoticed, however, and after severe criticism, language “guaranteeing” human rights was inserted into the latest draft (the Bureau draft) of the pandemic treaty.

The bottom line is, our health agencies are not protecting us. They’re controlled by private, globalist interests, and they’re selling us out.

We also see this in the way the U.S. health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administration refused to course correct once it became clear that the COVID shots were not preventing infection or transmission, and were causing historically high rates of injuries.

Instead, they doubled down and imposed mandates, and started fiddling with database algorithms to hide the extent of injuries and deaths. Likewise, the WHO is working on an international vaccine passport, even though the entire premise for it has been eliminated. If the shots don’t prevent infection or transmission, then what good does proof of “vaccination” do?

Same with the masks. No matter how much scientific evidence was thrown at them, health authorities refused to admit that masks don’t work and pushed for wearing two or three masks instead. And what can we say about the worldwide recommendation to treat only advanced-stage infection? It’s medicine 101 to treat a condition as early as possible, especially when it comes to infections.

As noted by Nass, “There can be no question about it: Our health agencies are guilty of malfeasance, misrepresentation and deliberate infliction of harm on their own populations.”

All the basic rules of medicine were tossed out during COVID, and under the pandemic treaty, common sense and basic medical facts will be ousted forever. Nass goes through much more in her article, so I urge you to read it10 in its entirety.

The Timeline

The IHR amendments will only require a 50% vote of whoever is in the room at the time of the vote, which will take place at the World Health Assembly’s annual meeting, May 22 through 24, 2024.11 The amendments will take effect 10 months later for any nation that does not opt out.

Nations that have not officially opted out will then be bound by the new terms laid out in the amendments. The pandemic treaty will also be voted on during that meeting. It will require two-thirds vote in favor by the members that are in the room and will go into effect as soon as 30 nations have ratified it.

Thirty days after that, the treaty will go into effect for all the nations that have signed on. Any nation that has not signed the treaty will be excluded from its terms. Those who sign the treaty must wait three years before they can get out.

Door To Freedom

To prevent this nightmare, Nass has founded a new organization called Door To Freedom (, which seeks to educate people around the world about what the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments will change life as we know it, and strip us of every vestige of freedom.

Door To Freedom has created a poster to explain the impacts the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments will have. Please download this poster and share it with everyone you know. Also put it up on public billboards and places where communities share information.

Other Action Items

While the situation seems incredibly bleak, Nass insists there are many things we can do to prevent the WHO’s power grab, including the following:

Call your congressman or congresswoman and urge them to sponsor H.R.79 — The WHO Withdrawal Act,12 introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs, which calls for defunding and exiting the WHO. At the time of this writing, it has 51 cosponsors, all of them Republicans. We cannot get this bill passed without Democrats, so we need to get them to understand what’s at stake.

The Sovereignty Coalition is making it easier for everyone to make their voices heard. Its Help the House Defund the WHO page will allow you to contact all of your elected representatives with just a few clicks. Simply fill out the required field, click submit, and your contact information will be used to match you with your elected representatives.

Also urge your congressman or congresswoman to sponsor H.R.1425,13 which would require the pandemic treaty to be approved by the Senate. It currently has 27 cosponsors.

Call your senators and urge them to sponsor the Senate version of H.R.1425, which is S.444, the No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act.14 It currently has 47 cosponsors.

Share Door To Freedom’s educational poster15 everywhere you can, and direct them to for more information. Also share, share, share information about the IHR amendments and how they will destroy national sovereignity and increase surveillance and censorship. You can find a quick summary here.

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