As The WEF Meetings Begin, Mainstream Media Organizations Run Q&A’s with Klaus Schwab For PR Cover

Wall Street Journal and Washington Examiner – what is you thinking!?

The World Economic Forum’s yearly meeting begins next week. I can’t wait to watch the globalist goons fly into Davos, Switzerland on their gas-guzzling private jets to lecture us about muh climate change. Over 1,000 private jets made the trip into Davos for the 2022 event, and as this year’s WEF meeting will be the biggest yet, so you can expect that number to only increase.
Nothing to see here – just 2,500 delegates, 5,000 armed security and more than 2,000 individual private flights flying into a Swiss ski resort (credit: Qtime on Telegram)

There are reports that Swiss police and military personnel are already setting up roadblocks in Davos and scanning fingerprints of people on the street. That shows the elitist’s plans right there, to get the citizens of countries on any grid imaginable so they can be tracked, monitored, and controlled.

Given that every marginally awake human and their mothers are seeing the World Economic Forum as a purely Deep State organization of power hungry elitists, the WEFers are running public relations campaigns all across their complicit mainstream media lapdog organizations to combat people waking up the truth about them.

Have to love this one from the New York Times, not even trying to hide that a “New World Order” is their agenda.

Fun Fact: who was the only president over the last 30 years to not publicly call for a New World Order in a public speech? Hint: 🍊👨‍🦳.

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