Ideological Echo Chambers Are Making Us All Stupid

American liberals just spent days raging at CNN for hosting a town hall with Donald Trump like it’s the worst thing CNN has ever done. CNN isn’t horrible because it “platformed” Trump, CNN is horrible because it’s an imperialist propaganda firm whose whole job is to deceive people into supporting the most depraved agendas of the world’s most powerful people. Hosting that town hall was one of the least evil things CNN has done.

Liberals shouldn’t be upset at CNN for betraying their trust by platforming Trump, they should be upset with themselves for trusting CNN. It’s so, so much worse than they’re giving it credit for.

If you find Elon Musk’s hiring of a new Twitter CEO with a background in mainstream media and the World Economic Forum shocking and contradictory, it’s probably an indication that your worldview isn’t informed by an accurate perception of what’s really happening. You probably haven’t been thinking accurate thoughts about Musk, and you probably haven’t been thinking accurate thoughts about the WEF. Nothing about this stands out as surprising for those who see both as figures of status quo global capitalism.

In many right wing circles Musk’s beneficence has been massively overstated and the WEF’s nature has been wildly distorted. Really they’re both just garden variety manifestations of the mundane capitalist dystopia we live in, and are deeply invested in maintaining this dystopia.

Lately the WEF has served as an ideological scapegoat for rightists who are critical of the establishment but are ideologically unable to see capitalism’s role in this mess. They paint the WEF as some freakish aberration rather than the true face of the capitalism they support. In such circles the WEF has taken on a narrative role as a villainous antagonist that capitalism supporters can point to and say “Look at those freaks, they’re ruining the capitalism!” When in fact the WEF is just the face of what capitalism looks like when it gets to this stage.

Musk’s new hire isn’t an indication that anything has changed or that anything new is happening. Whatever happens with Twitter from here on out was the trajectory Twitter was on from the moment Musk bought it.

The Biden administration eliminating think tank funding transparency requirements set by the Trump administration is one of the most Biden administration things that has ever happened.

Having an ideologically diverse audience has really opened me up to how politically cloistered everyone’s used to being these days. People are always expressing surprise at the fact that they agree with me on some things yet disagree with me on others, either positively like “Wow we’re not on the same page economically but I love a lot of what you say”, or negatively like “OMG how can someone be so right about war and authoritarianism but SO WRONG about capitalism??”

This wouldn’t stand out to them as something surprising or unusual unless it was something they don’t normally experience in life. Which is a sign that something is off, because agreeing with people sometimes and disagreeing with them other times is the normal state of human interaction. That’s what you experience constantly in life if your interactions are allowed to move naturally.

That just shows how successful the powerful have been in herding the populace into ideological echo chambers where propaganda that’s custom-made for their ideological preferences can be administered to them:

  • We need to fight Russia because Putin’s a homophobic Hitler.
  • We need to fight China because the Asian commies are coming for us.
  • We need internet censorship to fight right wing extremism.
  • We need more militarized police to fight thugs.
  • Etc

Empire propaganda is tailored for each ideological echo chamber so that it slides in with as little resistance as possible.

That’s why I consider it a win whenever I can get healthy ideas and information over the echo chamber walls. When I’ve got a bunch of shitlibs or rightists in my notifications responding to something I’ve put out there, that means I’ve been successful in punching holes in the matrix.

We’re not supposed to agree with every political opinion we’re seeing. It isn’t natural to agree with any person or political faction all the time. If you find yourself agreeing with your preferred slice of the political spectrum all the time on every issue, that means you’ve stopped thinking for yourself and are just letting yourself be pulled along by the herd. Disagreement is normal. Universal agreement is a symptom of a debilitating disease.

I’ve never encountered anyone with whom I agree all the time, and it would be silly for me to expect to. I agree and disagree on various subjects with the communists I follow, and the libertarians, and everyone else. I’ve agreed and disagreed with things I’ve heard from Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. And you should too. That’s normal.


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The “Playing So Dumb You Feel Stupid” Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Some experts consider this a form of spoofing or gaslighting.  Here’s an example:

Tens of thousands of “extra” Brits are dying and that is resulting in “extra” deaths, and we just can’t imagine why.  They are dropping dead like flies, and apparently are the victims of BFS, Bad Faith Syndrome. 

We can observe that all this extra death only started after the forced vaccination programs.

We can see the way the death rate spikes after each and every booster. 

We can track the specific anomalous statistics that should not exist without a specific causative agent — such as myocarditis in young people, who develop this otherwise rare malady by the tens of thousands—but only after receiving these specific vaccines. 

We can see that the corpses have unnatural white clots of rubbery material clogging their veins.  

We can pick up the wifi signals still being transmitted from the corpses.

We can see how similar the spike protein produced by the artificially inserted mRNA is to snake venom and nicotine — known poisons, and how it targets the same cellular receptor sites. 

We just can’t seem to make the direct and obvious connection between the vaccine injections and all these sudden deaths. 

The Perpetrators have used their Uniformed Officers– Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses conscripted under Title 37– and they have deliberately murdered millions of people using a different kind of “shot”.  

They don’t think we are smart enough to get all the puns.  “Extra” Brits and “extra” deaths?  Yuk-yuk.  Getting shot and getting shots?  More yuk-yuk. 
First, they get their paychecks out of our pockets under False Pretenses; they don’t record their written Oaths of Office, so they aren’t actually occupying the Public Offices they appear to occupy —  and so, they have no duty or liability associated with the office.  As long as we don’t notice this, they get away with it.  

Second, they get nice big fat bonuses and kickbacks for applying the approved “countermeasures” for the problem they literally patented and created, and all that comes out of our pockets, too.  

Third, because these people are cowards as well as criminals, they figure out a way to kill us with minimal casualties to themselves by using needles instead of guns.  They use Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses who are all under the licensing gun to do their dirty work and they pay them extra for doing it, creating a perfect carrot-and-stick coercion scheme to force them into compliance and complicity. 

Fourth, they figure out a way to kill us that will yield profit for them and their franchise corporations by ordering billions of dollars-worth of all these vaccine products at public expense, so we wind up paying for our own poisoning, too. 

Fifth, they try to cover their tracks using bought-and-paid-for media shills, who feed the public gloom-and-doom about everything else, but somehow never cover anything about the “extra” deaths plaguing the vaccinated population.  

Sixth, they congratulate themselves as the “sudden” death rate rises and the infertility statistics soar.  They are giddy with delight, thinking that they have saved the planet by committing genocide, when in fact, all they’ve done is get paid for committing genocide under False Pretenses.  

Last, they play so dumb about this that they feel stupid. Radio silence must be maintained.  The immensity of the problem must be hidden and limited in public perception.  All people can see. thanks to the rigid and unlawful control of the news media, are their own numbers dwindling in each community.  Lights going out. Driveways unused. 

They must all be on vacation.  Went to visit Mom.  Took a sabbatical. 

The only question left to answer is: who paid DOD, INC., and the  Department of Defense, Inc., to do this?  

Someone paid DOD, INC., and gave them a contract to kill off billions of innocent people, including Americans — and it’s time for us to know the truth and exactly who did that.  

It has to be a sovereign government with very deep pockets.  Only sovereign governments can issue Letters of Marque which legalize murder for hire, and despite this ancient evil being outlawed on the land, it is still practiced in the jurisdiction of the sea.

Of the three most likely candidates that could do this, Britain is the obvious choice.  They also have the kickback payment delivery system in place through SERCO. 

We have reason to believe that funding for the ongoing genocide started five years or more before this infamous live exercise started. We suggest a very thorough scouring of the DOD, INC. income receipts for “extra-territorial services” beginning in 2015.  

A foreign interest as described above, paid the City-operated Municipal Corporation, DOD, INC.,  and the British Territorial-operated Municipal Corporation doing business as the Department of Defense, Inc.,   to create all this damage to the world economy and to pollute the human genome and to kill billions of innocent people. 

As both Municipal Corporations were happily and gainfully involved in creating this arbitrary crisis, we can safely say that they were both paid off, as purveyors of mercenary services, by the same buyers. 

We wish to know who used our money and misrepresented our government so as to murder the most vulnerable and defenseless members of the world population for profit.  

We wish for the banks responsible for this to be gutted and for the bankers responsible for funding this to be arrested and tried as accessories to genocide, as well as having their personal fortunes seized as unjust enrichment resulting from crimes against humanity. 

We wish for the politicians responsible to be arrested and removed from any appearance of Public Office; absent a proper Oath of Office on record and with that same record advertised and made easily accessible to the General Public, they are nothing but imposters.  

We wish for the organizations and institutions complicit in this genocide to be liquidated without the benefit of the corporate veil and for all essential and executive functions of these organizations to be removed, lawfully converted, and placed under the direction of Land Jurisdiction Officers subject to the Public Law.   At a minimum, this includes the World Economic Forum/WEF, the World Health Organization/WEF, World Bank/WORLD BANK, United Nations Organization, Inc./UN CORP, Department of Defense/DOD, National Institutes of Health/NIH, Centers for Disease Control/CDC, Food and Drug Administration/FDA, Reuters/REUTERS, Associated Press/AP, INC., British Broadcasting Corporation/BBC, CBS Broadcasting, Inc./CBS, National Broadcasting Company/NBC, American Broadcasting Company/ABC, Pfizer,Inc./PFIZER, Moderna, Inc./MODERNA, Johnson and Johnson, Inc./ JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, Astrazeneca,Inc./ASTRAZENECA, and all other corporations directly involved in the manufacture, sale, advertising, and injection of the so-called mRNA vaccines. 

We wish for an immediate and permanent cessation of all so-called depopulation efforts—efforts which are founded on wrong-headed and already disproven theories of population dynamics.  

We wish for the release of our free press and broadcast media from any presumption of war-time regulation by any department, agency, or Subcontractor, so as to provide us with the freedom of our airwaves and ensure our access to truthful and a-political news.  

We wish for immediate cessation of any presumption of actual war and an end of pretensions and assumptions of rights related to war.

We wish for immediate action to discipline and circumvent corporations which are operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea as crime syndicates connected by parent corporations and interlocking trust directorates, together with the liquidation of these and their associated Municipal Corporations. For example, the United States of America Corporation is the parent corporation responsible for the activities of the DOD, INC., organization and the DOD,INC. is responsible for the functioning of the NIH, FDA, CDC, DOJ and FBI, all of which are assisting in various aspects of this genocide-for-hire. 

We wish for the immediate identification and arrest of the Parties responsible for the payment of the blood money to the United States Department of Defense and DOD, INC.

We wish for the immediate suspension of all senior officers of the civilian organizations identified above, including the Tier One banks involved and SERCO officers pending questioning and new instructions; we wish for the immediate arrest and questioning of all senior military officers and contract vendors with any knowledge of or connection to this global extra-territorial operation promoting genocide. 

We wish for the immediate arrest and questioning of former United States Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, who was advised in advance concerning this quote-unquote, “live exercise”. 

We wish for a International Convention to provide Negotiation Among Principals concerning the deconstruction of the Law of the Sea and total removal of authority from the Admiralty Courts, which have been a consistent thorn in the flesh of humanity for the past 250-plus years, and which have provided the means used to implement and profit from much of the evil under discussion — including but not limited to the hypothecation of debt.    

We should not tolerate evil in our midst under the misbegotten presumption that evil is natural and a counterbalance to good; as the Bible and many other ancient scriptures make clear, evil is not a natural part of this Creation. Evil was brought here as a totally foreign element, like an invasive species of plant belonging on another planet. 

We do not owe Evil a separate kingdom and law of its own, that is, the Jurisdiction of the Sea and Law of the Sea.  Rather, we owe it to ourselves to get rid of any institutions that do not serve the best interests of mankind. 

Satan conclusively lost the war at Golgotha and it’s time for the Jurisdiction of the Sea to return to its natural and free flowing and happy nature, set free of the lies and deceit that have hitherto been the hallmarks of the separate kingdom mistakenly apportioned to the Father of All Lies.    

We realize that these matters extend beyond the concerns customarily brought before the Vatican Chancery Court, but as these corporations exist in the realm of the air and are subject to Ecclesiastical Law, we hope that your venerable court will take up the issue of their crimes, and that you will promptly forward the information being received to those persons and organizations most responsible for correcting and disciplining Municipal Corporations, including, but not limited to, His Holiness, Pope Francis. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May14th 2023

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