Leaks, Clotshots, and Tranny Psyops

The current US military is run by 5th columnists who are committed to destroying this nation. They push “White Rage” and Diversity Equity and Inclusion. They’ve poisoned the troops with deadly clotshots and have demoralized them with tranny PSYOPs. They left $85 billion in equipment in Afghanistan, they gave all their ammunition to Ukraine and they can’t keep sensitive intel from leaking to the enemy.

Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t just cut out the middleman and nuked us, already.

So now, we’re supposed to go fight their forever war against Russia in Ukraine? And now, we’re supposed to send 10,000 sailors in the 7th Fleet to the bottom of the South China Sea, after they’ve handed the enemy our manufacturing base, financed them and given them our technology, after they’ve armed them with our latest plane and aircraft carrier designs? And given them all of the details of our country’s digital infrastructure and all of our citizens’ Personal Identifying Information?

And now, they expect us to believe The New York Times and The Washington Post identified the Pentagon leaker, all on their own?

A 21-year old using a videogame chat app might have just prevented World War 3, so of course, the government and their media puppets are trying to paint him as some nefarious Russian double agent.

Many feel there is an exactly 0% chance a 21 year old Air National Guardsman got his hands on top secret war plans about a war we aren’t supposed to be in. Not on his own. Others remind us of Chelsea Manning and say that the sloppy handling of classified information has gotten 20 times worse under Brandon. Still, many are having a hard time swallowing this story about Jack Teixeira, who was seen calmly sitting on his back porch reading a book at the exact moment of the raid.

It seems all-too-scripted. I mean, who doesn’t look up when a chopper is hovering right over their head, especially an Airman in the National Guard? Many truthers on social media believe this leak operation was contrived to bolster the RESTRICT Act and to take over the internet by criminalizing Free Speech.

On his Substack, journalist Matt Taibbi writes:

You’ll read a lot in the coming days about the dangers of apps like Discord, or of online gaming groups, which counterintelligence officials told the Washington Post today are a “magnet for spies.” The Leaker tale will also surely be framed as reason to pass the RESTRICT Act, the wet dream of creepazoid Virginia Senator Mark Warner, which would give government wide latitude to crack down on “communication technology” creating “undue or unacceptable risk” to national security…

When civilians or whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (in jail for an incredible four years now), Reality Winner and now the “Discord Leaker” bring leaked information to the public, the immediate threat is Espionage Act charges and decades of jail time. When a CIA head or a top FBI official does it, it’s just news. In fact, officials talk openly about using “strategic leaks” as a P.R. staple. In a world where media currency is becoming the ultimate power, these people want a monopoly. It’s infuriating.

Watch how this thing will be spun. It’s going to get ugly fast.

Deep State whistleblower, Dr Jon McGreevey posted on TRUTHSocial that what he’s hearing from investigators on the inside is that after the Chinese balloon fiasco a few weeks ago the Air National Guard conducted their own investigations separate from the Brandon Regime to determine what could have been accessed from the base in Massachusetts. That’s when they discovered that Teixeira was sharing info with his friends. And the Regime stepped in and took over to use this kid as a scapegoat for all of the classified information the Chinese balloon collected over the US. There are reports the ground was communicating with the balloon and it was shot down to cover that up.

McGreevey says this unit at the base in Cape Cod did not have any need to know – whatsoever – for the information they are saying this kid had access to. End-product, real time CIA NSA DOD reports? Going through the Massachusetts national guard? No. It would not be going through there.

McGreevey truthed, “I’m sure the dod CIA NSA all send their final product intelligence up to the national guard in Massachusetts before it goes to their office.” Yeah, right. He says, “If anything goes wrong overseas, Ukraine, etc. It wasn’t this administration’s fault, it wasn’t the Chinese balloon, it was this kid. They now have their permanent scapegoat.

We’ve been lied to about everything and we no longer trust anything anybody says anymore. Like when Anheuser-Busch claims that a rogue marketing team did the transgender marketing disaster without their knowledge and are calling it “a mistake”. Nobody believes that.

Brandon terminated the COVID emergency a few days ago and it’s like nobody believes that, either.

And speaking of Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry just published a list of key figures involved in the US-Ukrainian biochemical weapons program. The documents confirm the involvement of Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, Pfizer’s chief scientist and president of the International Research Division, the former director of US Defense Threat Reduction Agency or DTRA, Kenneth Myers and the former head of the CDC, Thomas Frieden, among others and that Hunter Biden’s $2.4 billion Metabiota fund was involved in financing the Pentagon’s military biological program in Ukraine.

A report by TheExposé.uk, that shows how publicly-available information on a US Government website corroborates this Russian Government report, that the COVID Virus was made in a Ukrainian biolab and that Fauci, Bill Gates and Moderna are all responsible and that Brandon profited personally through his son, Hunter, who helped to finance Metabiota.

United States Government data show that the US Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on the 12th November 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health Inc for “COVID-19 Research”, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially named “COVID-19”.

The contract awarded in November 2019 for “COVID-19 Research” was not only instructed to take place in Ukraine, it was in fact part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’. Labyrinth Global Health has been collaborating with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance out of Wuhan, China and Ernest Wolfe’s Metabiota since its formation in 2017.

‘USA Spending’, is an official open data source of US federal spending information shows that as of 12th April 2021 the US Government has spent a mind-blowing $3.63 trillion “in response to COVID-19” and within the ‘Award Search’ section of the site are details on a contract awarded by the Department of Defense to a company named ‘Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp’.

There is one Sub-Award that stands out among the rest, and it is was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health INC for “SME Manuscript Documentation and COVID-19 Research”.

An award for Covid-19 research isn’t exactly shocking when the world is allegedly in the grip of a Covid-19 pandemic, but considering the fact the sub-contract was awarded 12th November 2019, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19, the award for Covid-19 research should come as a shock to everyone.

Founded in 2017, Labyrinth Global Health is allegedly a “women-owned small business with deep expertise and a proven track record supporting initiatives for scientific and medical advancement.” They describe themselves as “a multicultural and international organization with offices in four countries and a team of experts with diverse backgrounds…” and blah, blah, blah, something something, Diversity Equity and Inclusion.


If you’re wondering why all the major transnational corporations are relentlessly shoving this tranny PSYOP down our throats, it is because they are the victims of World Economic Forum Executive Blackmail, according to Helena Glass’ blog.

She writes:

The Credit System ranks a business according to its diversity training and equity scores.   The more blacks and LGBTQ employees by ratio, the greater the score.   Two week CRT training camps are also utilized to measure a companies credit worthiness. Budweiser caved because if it didn’t the “SYSTEM” would shut down their credit and force them into insolvency-bankruptcy!

Nike, American Express, Budweiser, General Motors, Walmart, Target, etc… have become victims of the WEF  Executive Blackmail.   In 2020, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon went so far as to prostrate himself before CRT and BLM pledging $30 billion in shareholder funds to CRT, diversity and equity training.   But he isn’t alone, PNC Bank, Bank of America, Lowes, Truist Financial Corporation, Coca Cola, Disney, etc.. race to the inclusive credit ranking lest they be subjected to ‘the punishment’.

Scores are accredited via the International Business Council a subset of the World Economic Forum.  

In 2020, the IBC identified a set of core ESG Metrics which were delivered to major corporations and banks across the globe.   Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics were ‘required’ to be built into the operating mechanism and the solicitation of all employees to comply or be fired was implemented.   The IFRS Foundation is tasked with measuring each corporate score.   The standards are incorporated into the “International Accounting Board Standards”and audited annually. Trustees of the foundation make all decisions and include Chairs from Finland, China, London, and KPMG Accounting/Auditing.   Other trustees come from: Denmark, MIT, New Zealand, Germany, Nova Scotia, Japan, India, London School of Economics, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, Moody’s, the EOCD and World Bank.

KPMG audits the credit scores.   Moody’s ranks the company accordingly.

Incorporated in the UK, IBC’s 2022 Revenues were $48 million with 64% going to the Staff, 3% to Trustee’s, 27% to operating costs, and activities … just 6%.   In other words, they exist to exist for themselves. They utilize Barclays to determine ESG investments in Blackrock, Jupiter Ecology, Janus Henderson Global, and the Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust.   Luxury goods, lithium batteries, chemicals, pharma, electricity and natural gas are common investments and considered ESG friendly. The fact that these commodities ravage the landscape and utilize child labor and slavery would seem to be allowable ESG initiatives.  No one wants the Wrath of CHINA!

Companies that do NOT comply with the WEF Sustainable Development criteria per a KPMG audit are heavily fined, their Moody’s rating lowered, and their ability to garner bank loans is quashed!

Companies are required to state on their websites and all promotional materials their sustainable initiatives, provide CRT training, create a Diversity Director position, hire quota’s, offer a guaranteed minimum income – which is the federal minimum wage – vote democrat or rhino, and cater to BLM.

These entities still remain a test case of sorts before widespread forced compliance will be generated.   Smaller businesses and smaller banks are much more difficult to track, however it is ascertained that by 2030 all banks will be under the stewardship of the Big Five.   And ‘credit’ will be the only allowed viable means of purchasing.  In this scenario physical gold and silver are worthless.

MSCI Inc. is a finance company in New York City that provides analysis of a companies ESG Metrics so that it can achieve the required ratios and avoid ‘punishment’ via a KPMG audit and an IBC Blacklist.   In addition, investors who are aligned with the WEF can invest in companies that are in compliance – without getting ‘punished’.

Everything the WEF, the CIA, the NED, CSIS, USAID, etc… control is a feed based on reward – punishment.   If a country does not comply with their sovereignty being usurped thru western colonization, then their country is destroyed.   If they comply, their leaders are promised vast wealth as long as their citizens fall into dire poverty.

In essence this New World Government is a conglomerate of Marxism AND Communism AND Fascism – pulling those specific ideologies that will achieve the desired end result – a Global Mafia Monarchy.

And in their permanent 5th Generation Warfare model, everything is a distraction from a distraction from a distraction. So, you should always be asking yourself “What am I being distracted from?”

The RESTRICT Act would federalize the Internet, according to former CIA contractor, Tore Maras, who recently posted that a tyrannical government would want to this for the following top 3 reasons.

1) Control: Federalizing the internet would them greater control over the flow of information and the ability to censor or restrict content that they deem to be a threat to their regime. This could help them suppress dissent and maintain their grip on power. Did you know that every STATE in the USA has NO DIGITAL SOVEREIGNTY? In fact, in 2019, all states handed over their IPS to the DHS to monitor, mine, and quote “protect”. How do you think they rig elections?

2) Economic control: Federalizing the internet could give them greater control over the economic benefits that come from online activity, such as advertising revenue, e-commerce, and online payments. This could help them to consolidate power and resources within their regime. (#DigitalCurrency Hello?) In fact, the bill has an undertone of the Government owns all data and then we will resell it to Consumer Markets, after we determine it’s ok to resell. They don’t want foreign nations to capitalize on DATA (the new GOLD). It will also assist them to ensure they hire people who OBEY.

3) Surveillance: Federalizing the internet allows them to easily monitor and surveil online activity, including the online activity of political opponents or those who are critical of their regime. Helps them identify and suppress dissent before it becomes a threat. Ever seen the movie Minority Report? You should. We already have a PRE-CRIME unit at the DOJ being fed mountains of DATA all day. No American should be OK with this, no matter what your politics. In fact, such tyranny is spoken about in the Constitution – but they could never have fathomed the invisible chains and prisons like the ones we have now.

And speaking of criminals, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says the Chinese-American financial institution, Cathay Bank has given Senate Republicans records showing millions of dollars going from Chinese companies to President Biden’s son Hunter Biden. We’ll talk more about that when we come back.

Republicans and others started raising concerns during President Biden’s successful 2020 White House campaign, if not earlier, that Hunter Biden used the family name and influence while his father was vice president to make millions in overseas business deals, which also could have compromised US National Security.

Johnson told The Washington Times, the records show the Biden family involved with the now-defunct CEFC China Energy, which had connections to the Chinese Communist Party. The firm gave $1 million to Hudson West III, which was a joint venture owned by Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, who is a business associate of CEFC’s founder and chairman, Ye Jianming, reportedly according to the bank records. Johnson said, “In my mind, it’s the Chinese government telling Joe Biden, ‘We got the goods on you, buddy. And we’re willing to dish it up.’”

Also, this week, Former Obama White House stenographer, Mike McCormick claims then-Vice President Biden used American taxpayer money to enrich his family and says Jake Sullivan a “conspirator.” He also claims that he went to the FBI but they ignored him.

As attorney, Tyler Nixon tweeted yesterday, “What more evidence is needed to indict Joe & Hunter Biden & Jake Sullivan, at minimum, for epic corruption at the highest levels of federal power? This is not only evidence of corruption but also conspiracy to obstruct justice, implicating the FBI & DOJ. But then again, who do you call to indict the FBI, DOJ, the President, his son Hunter and the National Security Advisor to the President? Who do you call to arrest the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Who do you call to arrest the entire Brandon Regime Cabinet and the heads of the CIA, FBI and DHS?

Where is the House GOP? Where are the Jan 6 Videos? Where is the real January 6th Investigation? Where are the Fauci Files? Where is John Durham? On May 1, 2019 Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, promised investigations on how the Mueller probe started. But Lindsey Graham lied. Lindsey Graham is a fraud. Lindsey Graham has scheduled NO COMMITTEE HEARINGS on Deep State, FBI, CIA, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper, George Papadopoulos, Tom Fitton, Sidney Powell, Joe diGenova, John Brennan, James Comey, Chris Wray, etc.

Governments throughout the world have been infiltrated and are now controlled by World Economic Forum-trained fifth columnists intent on destroying our countries’ sovereignty in order to usher in a Corporo-Communist-Technocratic One World Government.

One of their main avenues to achieve this is via the WHO’s 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), which are legally binding and supersede the United States Constitution and all other constitutions in the world. All 196 countries in the world are automatic signatories to this, by dint of our countries’ UN membership.

This is how the COVID hoax was pulled-off and how governments around the world agreed, in lockstep to crash their economies, to force-inject their citizens with lethal poison and how they now plan to cut off our energy and water supplies and to starve us to death. We’ve been talking about James Roguski efforts to raise awareness about and he’s been on our network several times and the hubbub that James created has single-handedly resulted in these amendments being voted down twice, so far. However, this same verbiage keeps rearing its ugly head and getting snuck into different legislation, over and over again!

The only answer is to exit the WHO – or better yet, to de-fund and dismantle the United Nations, altogether (to say nothing of NATO).

Anti-Communist activist, Reggie Littlejohn of the Sovereignty Coalition is behind WEXIT, which is the movement to exit the World Health Organization. This has now become imperative, because we’ve just learned that their malign Pandemic Treaty was basically already passed in the 2023 Pentagon budget!

The NDAA is voted on at the end of every year by Congress in order to fund the Department of Defense. Reggie says the 2023 NDAA was over 1,772 pages long and on page 950, they snuck in the PREVENT Pandemics Act, which “obligates the US to comply with and adhere to other relevant frameworks that contribute to global health security,” which means that the Senate and the House will never see whatever is agreed to at the WHO, because it’s already been pre-approved.

I suggest you go to her website, SovereigntyCoalition.org and sign the American Sovereignty Declaration to #ExitTheWHO and follow their prompts to contact your representatives and tell them to work for their constituents instead of the international Trotskyite planetary banking cartel, who are trying to kill us!

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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