Urgent Explanation — Money and Executive Order #14067

By Anna Von Reitz

All roads lead to the month of March and to the American Civil War.

Read that again — we just bypassed Rome for the moment.

Why March? Because that is when the Northern Allies calling themselves “the Union” so as to confuse their “Union” with the actual Union of States — defaulted on their debt owed to their foreign investors.

They were already organized as British Crown Corporations, so they had access to and sought public bankruptcy protection. That’s how they “hooked” their own citizens to absorb and pay for their debt — but who were their “citizens”?

(1) Those born in the Territories of the United States — Puerto Rico, Guam, etc., and (2) those who “voluntarily” adopted Territorial U.S. Citizenship by “enlisting” to serve as Territorial Mercenaries — all unaware.

The men who fought in the Civil War on the Northern side of it, were all enrolled under the auspices of State-of-State organizations, not the actual States. Whether they grasped the implications or not, when they signed up to fight for “the Union”, they actually signed up to fight for The State of New York, The State of Vermont, The State of Maine — and so on. They weren’t fighting for New York, Vermont, or Maine.

They were agreeing to be employed as mercenaries by British Crown Corporations. They were agreeing to adopt British Territorial U.S. Citizenship by doing so.

They were not told this in so many words and I am sure that our Great-Great Grandfathers would turn over in their graves if they knew this, but it is nonetheless true.

On March 6th, 1863, Lincoln’s British Crown Corporation doing business as “the” United States of American, Incorporated, defaulted on its debts. Three days later, on March 9, 1863, this default became official.

More due process required by debt collection procedures followed, but finally, by April 1863, Lincoln had to pull the plug and seek bankruptcy protection.

On the day before he declared bankruptcy of “the” United States of America, (Incorporated, that is) Lincoln issued the very first “Executive Order”. It was called “General Order 100” even though it was the first of its kind.

General Order 100 is also known as the Lieber Code and it has since been transformed into the Hague Conventions. It directs the Union Army to take possession of and hold the assets of the nation (which “nation”?) and sets forth how they are supposed to do this and the rules they have to observe during this ersatz occupation of our country by the U.S. Army acting as a foreign mercenary force.

The only nation that Lincoln or his British Crown Corporation had, were the natural Territorials born in U.S. Territories, and whoever “adopted” U.S. Citizenship by enlisting in the corporation’s private military service.

Lincoln issued General Order 100 as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Inc. on April 24th, 1863, and one April 25th, 1863, he bankrupted the first British Crown Corporation doing business as “the United States of America, Incorporated”. The assets of the first incorporated version of “the United States of America, Incorporated” were seized in receivership by foreign banks, who sent their Trustees in to act as “the US Trustees”.

Clearly, this was all fraudulent, first to last, but they got away with it by deceit and Breach of Trust. The Perpetrators impersonated the actual Union of States and the actual Federation of States using similar names, stole our identity just like a modern day Credit Card Hacker, and accessed our assets and credit under conditions of misrepresentation and color of law.

Just as clearly, Lincoln needed to boot up a new corporation and find some new investors to keep his “war” effort going. Enter his own Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase—yes, the one that Chase Bank is named after.

Chase suggested basically two things — getting a loan from the Federal Reserve, a consortium of old family banks that had been in operation for some years prior to the so-called Civil War, and issuing Greenbacks based on that loan, and, then, to pay back the initial loan, issue “10/40 Bonds” as investment instruments backing the Greenbacks, which would eventually pay back the debt to the Federal Reserve and resolve the bankruptcy.

1040 Bonds were called that because they could be redeemed after ten years or after forty years, depending on how long the investor wanted to wait and how much interest they wanted to make.

There was just one small (and very crooked) part of the whole scheme that appeared up front. If you wanted to invest in the 1040 Bonds, and reap those very favorable rates of interest return, you had to pay for the 1040 Bonds in Greenbacks — and to get Greenbacks, you had to pay for them in gold or silver.

It’s not a mistake that “Taxpayers” still fill out “1040” Forms and “invest” in these “bonds” to pay back this generation’s form of “Federal Reserve”.

Lincoln issued the Greenbacks and the 1040 Investment Bonds as Chase suggested, and they were very popular products. Investors acting as “the Federal Reserve” extended gold to back the Greenbacks, then other smaller investors from America and all around the globe piled on and paid with gold or silver to buy Greenbacks (giving the currency more support) and Lincoln’s problem was solved — or at least, put off for a decade or four.

When it came time to pay off the 1040 Bonds, General William Tecumseh Sherman was in charge and when the 1040 Bond Investors came looking to redeem their bonds in gold plus interest, he told them — infamously, “Why, you paid for those bonds in Greenbacks. Why should you ask for anything different in return?”

So, the Swindlers successfully exchanged paper for gold, and not even “gold certificates” — for bonds. And what were those bonds actually issued against? A loan from the Federal Reserve banks and the families running those banks. And what was the collateral offered to those banks to guarantee the loan? The assets and labor of the “citizenry” attached to the bankrupted British Crown Corporation.

Right. Fast forward 140 years.

Things didn’t improve with age. The criminality with which all this started continued and worsened and gradually seeped into every corner of the the government structure including the military, which has continued to follow “Executive Orders” issued by a foreign corporation’s “President” ever since.

So, all and any “Executive Orders” issued by any such “President” are just internal “orders” that apply only to actual Officers and Employees and their Dependents and do not apply to the General Public at all.

Read that — Joe can surveil and lockdown and do whatever he wants to do to himself and his employees and fellow officers of the good ship HMS Blarney Buckets, but he can’t enforce any “Executive Orders” on the rest of us, and furthermore, because all the “employment contracts” —for the military, especially– were not properly disclosed, nobody who works for him has to continue working for him. Just like any other corporate job, the members of our military can quit and they can sue for any abuses of their human, civil, or natural rights by the offenders responsible, no matter what the contract for their induction may say.

The Scoundrels have gone to some lengths to make it appear that Americans have “voluntarily” conscripted themselves as British Crown Property by instituting a system of birth registration in this country and operating it under conditions of non-disclosure. This has created a situation in which Medical Doctors (physicians licensed to provide services to British Crown Corporation employees and officials) have been secretively employed as Undeclared Foreign Agents and Uniformed Officers (Title 37) have been fraudulently registering Americans as British Territorial Citizens and/or Dependents since the 1920s.

What does this all add up to? Fraudulent confiscation of private property assets and intellectual property assets belonging to this country and the people of this country, and the accumulation of vast amounts of Odious Debt being held against the victims of this scheme and their “future generations”.

Odious Debt is debt established by means of some kind of fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which the victims don’t benefit.

The trillions-worth of FRNs have to be destroyed in order to destroy this Odious Debt, quite apart from the illegal counterfeiting and fraudulent debt collecting and all the helicopter money bribes that have paid in FRNs.

This is complicated by the fact that the military and all other components of the corporate governmental services operations have to be paid using credit, as mandated by the Constitutions. Lincoln’s protegees had to find a way of accessing our credit and issue either credit notes or debt notes to pay for their operations.

That’s why the proposed replacement for the Federal Reserve Notes is also a “Note” —the so-called “US Notes” or “USN” currency, albeit, a “Note” like the Greenbacks, that is once again being backed by gold from some unstated private investor group.

If we left the situation at that we would be back at Square One, where Lincoln was when he declared bankruptcy and needed new investors. Whether it was the Federal Reserve extending the gold to back the new “USN” currency or the Bank of China, the same exact situation would merely repeat itself.

For the sake of ourselves and our country and the entire world, we cannot let this fraud and illegal occupation of our country by foreign “service” corporations go on like this. Even if we hire these same corporations and allow them to continue as Successors to our original Constitutions, we have to step up and take control of the helm, so that these corporations and their foreign investors are no longer able to spend our assets and credit “for” us.

What does all this have to do with the actual country here and with us, the living people populating our States of the Union? Nothing.

This was all a big fraud game promoted by foreign interests, having nothing to do with us at all.

To straighten this mess up, we have to restore the natural order of things, where the Employers tell the Employees what to do, and not the other way around.

Fortunately for all concerned, we “woke up” in 1998 and began the Notification and Due Process needed to do exactly this, and we completed all the various steps by 2015 and finished all the commercial claims processes by 2019.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get involved in restoring the actual American Government you are owed.

Everyone else worldwide is invited to do the same. Reclaim your identity as a livng man or living woman and reclaim your homelands and your national governments.

Vast amounts of pre-paid credit are owed to the living people of this world, along with land assets, precious metals and so much more. Nobody anywhere on this planet is “poor”.
It was just fraud and selfishness and lust for power that ever made it seem otherwise. There is no reason for anyone to fight or to invest in war anymore.

Don’t be afraid. Dedicated people from all over the world have been working hard to reclaim and recoup the assets and develop a system by which everyone everywhere can be restored. Our International Land Recording System is totally independent, block-chained, and ready to record people who come back to the land and soil of their countries on a worldwide basis. Whether you are from Kansas or Sri Lanka, you can find your feet again and stand up as men and women in control of your own countries and your own destinies.

Americans, go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get moving.

Everyone else, the new International Recording System will launch very soon and enable you to do what we have done.

Immediately upon recording your correct political status and peaceful intent, you will become Inheritors of your natural and native assets, and war and crying and crime and disease will be no more.

Because of all the acrimony and false-front corporate wrong-doing, there are still people employed by these corporations resisting change, thinking that they are in a commercial “war” and have something to win or lose. The Municipal city-states that were illegally established here in our country are refusing to accept the new USN currency of the District of Columbia, and vice-versa, obviously, the District of Columbia is refusing to honor Federal Reserve Notes.

It’s all foreign nonsense that has no place on our shores, being promoted by commercial corporations and foreign governments that have been acting in Breach of Trust as governmental service providers acting under color of law and in violation of the public service contracts. We have moved to have these offending corporations involuntarily liquidated as a result of the injuries to life that they have caused and their many other lawless acts in pursuit of profit.

The primary responsibility for such liquidation rests upon those who are by custom, Law, and tradition responsible for the administration of the Air Jurisdiction — the Roman Curia, the Roman Catholic Church, especially the Pope, and other church leaders and organizations throughout the Ecumenical Community of the Earth. This includes the leaders of the Eastern and Russian Orthodox Churches, the Coptic Churches, the leaders of Synagogues, the Imans of Islam, the priests of Buddha, the priests of Shinto, the Brahmas of Hindu tradition, and all others of reasonable and peaceful belief, are called to support and initiate action against the Nazi-controlled UN CORP, WHO, Inc., the World Bank, Inc,, WEF, Inc., and all the corporations responsible for crimes against humanity including but not limited to the governmental services corporations and their franchises operating as, for example, OTTAWA, INC., or the Province of Alberta, Inc., or the “State of Ohio, Inc.”, NIH, INC., CDC, INC., Government of the United States, Inc., FBI, INC., Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., CBS, Inc., NBC, Inc, and other broadcast media “news” organizations that have violated guaranteed freed speech and filled the airwaves with subliminal messaging and health-destroying dischordant music and propaganda facilitating crime, and the many foundations that have contributed to and profited from these heinous profit-making activities, including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, and others.

There are also abundant statutory and code provisions for the liquidation of offending corporations and business enterprises involved in criminal activities that result in injury to living people and their actual physical and intellectual assets.

We are recommending that these corporations and others that have profited from the misery, enslavement, and illness of Mankind be involuntarily dissolved by whatever means is more expedient and that such action should include the following additional measures: (1) removing the privilege of incorporation and prohibiting the officers, board members, and senior executives of these dissolved corporations from ever forming or directing any corporation again; (2) removal of the corporate veil to allow direct prosecution of the officers, board members and senior executives responsible for the criminal misdirection of these corporations, including, if appropriate, criminal prosecution, confiscation of personal assets, and jail time; (3) removal of public bankruptcy protection for these organizations and individuals, who have betrayed the public interest and attacked their Benefactors.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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Why You MUST Take Action in Lawful Rebellion

By Anna Von Reitz

I have mentioned many times before that if you become aware of a crime or even reasonably suspect that a crime has been or is being committed, you have an obligation to: (1) report it to the authorities; (2) take reasonable action against it.

Reporting it to the authorities assumes that there are responsible law-abiding authorities to report it to, which has not been the case in Britain and The United States for many years.  However, we report it to them anyway, to make them 100% personally and commercially liable for their acts and omissions. And also to clear your skirts.

The “Reasonable Action” part beyond the obligation to report crime is a less obvious and ill-defined aspect.  What, exactly, is “reasonable”?

Most people and the common law agree that it is not necessary to risk your own life — you can, but you don’t have to — to meet this requirement.

You simply have to take whatever action you can “reasonably” take to resist crimes, such as coming to the aid of victims, refusing to take illegal orders, organizing groups (Neighborhood Watch, State Assembly Militias, Childrens’ Health Defense Fund) to fight crime, organizing boycotts and work stoppages and similar actions to bring criminal agendas to a stop, organizing legal actions to involuntarily dissolve criminal corporations (e.g., Pfizer) and underlying crime syndicates (e.g., World Economic Forum).

If you don’t take every reasonable action you can take, you may be considered an accomplice or enabler, and be brought to justice yourself, as if you were part of the criminal activity itself by acquiescence.

Americans who watched the “Lonesome Dove” mini-series some years ago may have cause to remember the character of Jake Spoon, who was hung by his own friends, Gus and Captain McCall.  He went down as a murdering horse thief, because he was riding with a gang of murdering horse thieves — and despite his claim that he didn’t murder anyone or steal any horses himself, he had to be treated as if he did, because he did nothing to resist the crimes committed by his companions or bring aid to the victims.

That’s the way actual Public Law works.  Be forewarned. Conspirators and collaborators are on the same path to destruction.

If the corporations that are providing us with “governmental services” are engaged in criminal activity, as all of ours self-evidently now are, we have the absolute lawful and legal right and moral obligation to not pay taxes to them. We also have the absolute lawful and legal right and moral obligation to demand and enact their immediate involuntary dissolution and removal of the corporate veil to allow full prosecution.

As most of our courts all operate under one of two forms of international law — maritime and admiralty — and as these have been imposed and interpreted on our shores by British Territorial Courts and British BAR Attorneys, this Golden Oldie (reposted below) from the British Lawful Rebellion organization back in the day is especially potent, both here and in the British Isles and throughout the former Commonwealth, as all the same laws and arguments apply:


Republished in full with permission from Matt at TheTruthwillout.com by Lawful Rebellion.org:

Legal and lawful tax withholding

Are you aware that paying taxes is actually unlawful and illegal?  Let’s show you why:

In accordance with domestic law and international law if you have reasonable cause to suspect that HM Government are involved in criminal activity, you are obligated by law to withhold any and all forms of funding and support.

Background info:

HM Government unlawfully and illegally authorised HM Armed Forces to invade Iraq, as well as Afghanistan and Libya, and kill over 1.4 million people and counting, including over 450,000 children and counting.  They had no UN authorisation, no mandate whatsoever, yet they committed and continue to commit mass murder, terrorism and crimes against humanity totally illegally and unlawfully.  This is not fiction this is recognised FACT! Recognised as fact by the UN itself, the Malaysian Capital’s War Crime Tribunal and the Foreign Affairs Office to name a very, very small few; many more will shortly be shown.

Ok, let’s not reinvent the wheel here.  There is a great deal of background information to be perused and gleaned from such websites as:  http://taxrebellion.wordpress.com/. We STRONGLY urge and recommend you spend a couple of hours or so on that site first so you arm yourself with the much needed background knowledge, confidence and conviction that not only are war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and terrorism being committed in your name, but also why withholding any and all forms of funding and/or support from HM Government is the absolutely lawful, legal and conscionable thing to do. By the time you have finished reading all the information provided for you here on this subject, you will be stunned and shocked at what you have learnt!

In law it is widely accepted throughout the world that if you become aware of, or have reasonable cause to suspect, that an organisation or person is involved in criminal activity, and yet you continue to fund and support said organisation or person, then you are guilty of committing a crime by association – commonly known as an ‘accessory’ or ‘abettor’ and committing an ‘ancillary offence’.  For example, from the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861

And from the International Criminal Court Act 2001

Did you know that if a person knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that crimes against humanity, war crimes and/or terrorism are or even just may be being committed by HM Government and HM Armed Forces, there are specific laws that obligates said person to withhold funding – such as taxes?



What is the official interpretation of ‘terrorism’ as stated in the Terrorism Act 2000

And section 15 of the same Act states very clearly…

Now read that last bit ‘2’ (b) again: knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that it [money/funds/tax] will or may be used for the purposes of terrorism. So, all that is required is reasonable cause to suspect that taxes or any other funds will or may be used to fund criminal activity; in this particular case ‘terrorism’.

What about Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, and War Crimes?

Click on this link to be redirected to article 6, 7 and 8 of the International Criminal Court Act 2001:

As you can see for yourself, it is quite clear that all three of these crimes have been and are being committed on the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.


People of Britain (and the world) deceived and lied to…that’s ‘fraud’ right?

This is where it gets even more interesting because according to the Fraud Act 2006 it would be safe to conclude that HM Government and HM Parliament are perpetual offenders on a daily basis!  So here goes; Section 1 of the Fraud Act 2006

Section 2 – Fraud by false representation

Section 3 – Fraud by failing to disclose information

Section 4 – Fraud by abuse of position


So ‘conspiracy’ must have been committed right?

The offence of conspiracy – according to the Criminal Law Act 1977

And according to the Criminal Attempts Act 1981 and here

Suffice to say that if a person knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that funding or any other support will or may be used for the purposes of terrorism, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, fraud or conspiracy etcetera, said person is absolutely obligated both by law and conscience to withhold any and all forms of funding and/or support from the organisation or person(s) suspected of committing said crimes.

Evidence for reasonable cause to suspect criminal activity:

Ok, so let’s imagine that through your own research and beliefs you have decided to give Notice to HM Government that you are obligated by law and conscience to withhold tax, due to you having [overwhelmingly] reasonable cause to suspect that funds will or may be used to support criminal activity.  Firstly, you would need enough information to demonstrate to yourself and others why and how you have reasonable cause to suspect criminal activity by HM Government, HM Armed Forces and HM Parliament may be taking place.  Let’s be clear here, you do NOT need to provide evidence to prove a crime beyond reasonable doubt as you would if you were the prosecutor in a criminal lawsuit.  The only requirement in this instance is enough supporting evidence to demonstrate why you have reasonable cause to suspect that a crime may be being committed; and that is extremely easy to do in this case!

So imagine if the following people (listed below) had already gone before you and stated that they believe or have reasonable cause to suspect the Iraq war is unlawful and illegal:

  • Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations
    •All 27 lawyers of the Foreign Affairs Office – headed by Senior Legal Advisor Sir Michael Wood
    •Elizabeth Wilmshurst, former Deputy Legal Adviser
    •Independent enquiry lead by Dutch Supreme Court Judge Willibrord Davids
    •Lady Manningham-Buller, former MI5 Chief
    •Hans Blix, former United Nations chief arms inspector
    •Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK ambassador to the US
    •Major General Michael Laurie, former Head of the Defence Intelligence Staff
    •Dr David Kelly, former United Nations weapon inspector
    •Robin Cook, former Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House of Commons
    •Nick Clegg, current Deputy Prime Minister
    •Professor Philippe Sands QC Director of the Centre on International Courts and Tribunals
    •Professor Robert Black QC Professor of Scots law, Edinburgh University, and architect of the Lockerbie trial in The Hague
    •Professor Sean Murphy Associate professor of law at George Washington University
    •Professor Vaughan Lowe Chichele Professor of Public International Law, All Souls College, Oxford
    •Professor James Crawford Whewell Professor of International Law, Jesus College, Cambridge
    •Professor Mary Kaldor Professor of global governance, London School of Economics
    •Professor Christine Chinkin, professor of international law at the London School of Economics
    •Jan Kavan, the president of the UN General Assembly
    •Judge Abdul Kadar Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Malaysia
    •Judge Salleh Buang, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Malaysia
    •Judge Tunku Sofiah Jewa, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Malaysia
    •Judge Alfred L. Webre, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Malaysia
    •Judge Shad Saleem Faruqi, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Malaysia

Well, imagine no more…they already have!  And this is in no way a comprehensive list.

Click here to view and download the articles, reports and statements and official Judgements made by the people as listed above that becomes part of your overwhelming evidence that underpins your reasonable cause to suspect.  Did you know that in 2011 the Kuala Lumpur (Malasyia’s Capital city) War Crimes Tribunal found Tony Blair, George W Bush and associates guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in regards to the unlawful and illegal Iraq invasion, and made several recommendations to the United Nations regarding this?  The full Judgement can be found here.

Giving Notice to HM Government:

Once you have given Notice to the appropriate parties that ‘in good mind and conscience and in accordance with law I am obligated to withhold funding and support due to having reasonable cause to suspect that criminal activity has been committed’, and supplied the evidence you have and the law that obligates you in this matter, then for any person to attempt to collect funds from you would be a criminal act, under both domestic and international law.

The Manual of Military Law states:

If a person, who is bound to obey a duly constituted superior, receives from the superior an order to do some act or make some omission which is manifestly illegal, he is under a legal duty to refuse to carry out the order and if he does carry it out he will be criminally responsible for what he does in doing so.

The Nuremburg Principles became international statute criminal law when they were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1950. As these seven principles are the world’s primary international laws against war, it is the duty of every citizen of Member States of the United Nations to uphold and abide by these laws: [For the full pdf click here]

  1. Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.
  2. The fact that internal law does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law.

III. The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible Government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.

  1. The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.


And just to repeat from the International Criminal Court Act 2001:

Section 55 – Meaning of “ancillary offence”

(1)References in this Part to an ancillary offence under the law of England and Wales are to—
(a)aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring the commission of an offence,
(b)inciting a person to commit an offence,
(c)attempting or conspiring to commit an offence, or
(d)assisting an offender or concealing the commission of an offence.

So for any person in an official capacity, to attempt to incite you to commit an offence, would not only be violating the law but they would be breaching public trust and therefore committing ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ which is an offence at common law and one that still carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  And if you are not aware of the huge potential power of Private Prosecution Service, we suggest you click here to download some information.

Any official that attempts to harass, threaten, coerce or incite a you to commit an offence would need to be made aware of the extremely serious offence they may be about to, or have just committed.  It is quite clear to anyone who takes anything more than a cursory glance at this subject matter, that massive, despicable and heinous crimes have been and are continuing to be committed in our name, and with the tax from our sweat equity paying for it.  We are forbidden by law and conscience to continue to give funds to perpetrators of these most sinister and evil crimes, and now you have the legislation to back you all the way.

Are you prepared to let the following slide:

  • Genocide
  • Crimes against humanity
  • War crimes
  • Terrorism
  • Conspiracy
  • Fraud
  • Torture

Whilst you continue to give your support and funds?

— End of Repost— and my final two cents on today’s topic: these corporations and their Masters will try to claim “sovereign immunity”, but by descending to and operating as corporations, they lose all such claims and are reduced to the same status as any other corporation.  (See Titles 5 and 22 of Federal Code, where this is fully admitted for the Federal Corporations and all their State-of-State franchises, too.)

They will also try to justify their actions by claiming that they are at “war” but this is an illegal mercenary “war” among corporations, not nations, and as such is purely criminal activity in nature.  Remember that.  So when they announce “wars” on “drugs” and “poverty” and “terrorism” be aware that they are inviting you to acquiesce to their lawless actions and support them in their crimes.

STOP paying to support your own demise.  Quit right now.  Make up your mind before April 15.

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Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court – Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

By Anna Von Reitz

Comes now the lawful Government of The United States in international jurisdiction, The United States of America, our Federation of Organic States of the Union, seeking action and redress to be provided by the Holy See and His Holiness, Pope Francis.


Under Ecclesiastical Law it is the singular responsibility of the Pope to liquidate corporations that have engaged in unlawful activities; we can now say with certainty that thousands of Municipal and British Territorial corporations have profited themselves by the murder and maiming of the General Public in this country and throughout the world. They have done this in flagrant disregard for both health and life.


The guilty parties include the present iterations of the United States of America, Inc., a British Crown Corporation doing business under various names and through various incorporated subcontractors and agents, including the Department of Justice, Inc., the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Inc., the Central Intelligence Agency, Inc., the Department of Defense, Inc., the White House Office, Inc., National Security Council, Inc., and their State-of-State franchise organizations, numerous pharmaceutical corporations including Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., numerous communications and news organizations including the BBC, Inc., Reuters, Inc., Associated Press, Inc., ABC, Inc., NBC, Inc., CBS, Inc., Fox News, Inc., The New York Times, Inc., The Washington Post, Inc., and innumerable other newspapers, radio stations, and television outlets, along with thousands of hospitals, clinics, and individual Uniformed Officers who profited from administering “covered countermeasures”. The insurance industry was also profited by the large number of deaths inflicted on the elderly population of this country. Hospitals and individual health providers received kick-backs amounting to millions of dollars “per head” for those diagnosed with and dying from “Covid 19”.


The Municipal Counterparts of all of these British Crown Corporations similarly benefited themselves from lies, pretended authorities, coercive acts and demands undertaken under color of law, and cancellation of debt resulting from the death of millions of Americans including, thus far, over 118,000 youths under the age of 25.
According to some credible life expectancy projections, only 1 in 40,000 recipients of these injections will be alive seven years from the date they received this “vaccination”.


The perpetrators purposefully and with malice aforethought changed the definition of “vaccine” in order to misrepresent what they were doing as a “vaccination” and to further misrepresent the nature of the material they were injecting into the bodies of their victims.


A genetic pattern obtained from SARS virus and then genetically manipulated to form a unique lipid protein capsule used to deliver mRNA payloads and other foreign genetic materials at the cellular level, was the only faint association with any infectious disease at all, but it was used as a smokescreen to make it appear that a pandemic of an infectious disease was involved in this murderous– and lucrative– hoax.


The actual products injected included: (1) parasites including freshwater hydras and eggs of an exotic Middle Eastern heartworm common to sheep in that region; (2) poisons including salts of aluminum and mercury and graphene oxides; (3) so-called “smart” hydrogels containing luciferase and other exotic photo-sensitive compounds and self-assembling “smart” nanotechnologies that respond to electromagnetic signals and share artificial intelligence information at a biological level.


The ultimate goals of this program, above and beyond the death of the vast majority of recipients within seven years, appear to involve the secretive deployment of technology designed to collect information about the victims and their biological functions, to interfere with those functions, to coercively control the “subjects” in this experiment, to reduce the fertility of the participants to about 30% viability of offspring, and to track and surveil the victims so as to study the process of their deaths and the maiming effects of the various parasites, poisons, and foreign genetic materials that have been deployed throughout the General Public by means of criminal fraud.


There has also been an effort on the part of the guilty corporations including Black Rock, Inc. and its various iterations and franchises and subsidiaries, and Vanguard, Inc., and the Department of Defense, et alia, to claim ownership interest in the “test subjects” who “volunteered” — in response to what appeared to be “government mandates”.  The logic for this appears to be that by accepting a snippet of undisclosed genetically engineered material that was patented by the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, the victims thereby became genetically modified organisms (GMOs) owned by the patent holders.


Our Public Law already stands against any such cellular property interest claims advanced against living men and women.


This entire murder-for-profit scheme has been the brainchild of William H. “Bill” Gates, Jr. and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has operated in cooperation with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INC., aka, WHO, INC., and NATO, INC., DOD, INC., and the World Economic Forum (WEF) Inc., and the WORLD BANK, INC., which benefited itself by selling “Pandemic Bonds” as a rigged bet, in a situation in which no actual infectious disease, per se, was present.


These above facts are all now “public knowledge” as they have been published as patents by the US and EU Patent Offices and published in scientific journals, and exhaustively reviewed and analyzed by Doctors David E. Martin and Karen Kingston and others, and there are no contrary findings, which results in this “no contest” claim for damages and action liquidating the offending corporations.


Prior to these crimes against humanity actually being undertaken, we served Public International Notice to the Principals responsible for the existence of these corporations that we would charge one (1) Trillion dollars per American killed or maimed by any such attack, and we locked in the exchange “dollar value” as of the day of the Notice.  We are losing 7,500 Americans per day to death or permanent disability, and are exercising our pre-established lien in the amount of $232,500 Trillion USD for the month of December 2022.


This commercial lien and resulting debt will continue to accrue and collect 4% compound interest per annum against the Principals and all British Crown and Municipal affiliates until and unless the damage done is remediated with effective and substantial cures for the victims and appropriate compensation being paid to them and their families.


In addition — and the reason that this claim appears before the Vatican Chancery Court — we, the living people of The United States, have been injured physically, mentally, emotionally, and materially by these self-interested corporations acting under color of law. Millions of us have been killed already and more continue to die; millions more have been maimed and now suffer debilitating injuries which result in permanent disabilities and the need for extensive medical care.


As we have been killed and maimed by corporations, we demand the death of these corporations in turn.  There is no doubt that they have engaged in unlawful activities that have resulted in the death and misery of millions of people and that they have done this for profit and coercive power. We do not accept their “offer” (COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act | Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov) of our own money and credit being dispensed to us by the perpetrators as any true consideration, remedy or cure.


The only appropriate and necessary cure is: (1) the complete liquidation of all these offending corporations; (2) the sale of their corporate assets for the benefit of the victims and their survivors; (3) the removal of the corporate veil to allow prosecution of the offending officers and board members; (4) the establishment of a Injury Reparations Fund administered directly by our Fiduciary Office; (5) and for the lesser offenders who received kick-backs, the return of all kick-back funds to the Injury Reparations Fund, plus a stiff fine for going along and benefiting themselves from criminal activities.


It is entirely appropriate that the Vatican Chancery Court rule in favor of the victims and that the Holy See and the Pope be imposed upon to liquidate all these offending corporations and hold all the administrators and corporate officers responsible for their premeditated murders, attempts to enslave living men and women as Genetically Modified Organisms owned under patents, and long term injuries to those who have been disabled.


This is all public knowledge now, and uncontested.


Please proceed with all due alacrity to deliver the requested relief to the victims of this unholy scheme to pillage and destroy the only value that gives value to anything else: the living energy, health, and consciousness of the True God incarnate in us all.


Claim made by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                           The United States of America
                          Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                           The United States of America
Claim published on this 19th day of January in the year of 2023.
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A Modest Proposal For The Joint Chiefs

By Anna Von Reitz

We have a small suggestion — so small, in fact, that we hesitate to bring it forward before such an august body as yourselves; however, our suggestion, if implemented, would provide great economic and social benefit at almost no cost, would improve math and science skills throughout the world population, reduce carbon emissions, provide a non-petroleum based fertilizer replacement, and promote community teamwork like never before.

Our suggestion is simply this: go on national television and tell everyone what you’ve done, or, should we say, what you have allowed to happen, that has resulted in the deployment of unregulated, untested, non-standardized weapons-grade biological agents straight into the arms and bloodstreams of billions of innocent civilians worldwide.

Explain how you used loop-holes provided by complicit members of Congress to bypass any kind of normal safety testing and disclosure. Explain how you used Fauci and the CDC and NIH and all these other players as top dressing, simply by greasing their palms and promising that they wouldn’t be held liable for anything.

Admit that, by your own numbers, the seven year life expectancy for recipients of mRNA “vaccines” is 1 in 40,000 and that you knew this prior to Operation Warp Speed.

Admit that you and members of the US Congress and the World Economic Forum and the UN CORP deliberately and with malice aforethought, set up legal means to evade the Constitutions and the Public Law — and did this repeatedly, for decades.

Admit that you got away with this by operating under a cloak of secrecy and color of law.

Admit that your intent was simply to kill off your creditors and inherit their estates, after you had converted all these people into Genetically Modified Organisms owned by you under your private corporation patents.

These admissions, while daunting, would have the overall effect of clearing the air and would provide the open and honest atmosphere needed to discuss and resolve all the many problems that otherwise accrue as a result of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”.

Once people know who to blame for the implementation of this vast genocide and come to terms with the fact that it was their own bought and paid for military and the unelected National Security Council at fault, we can again rest easy in our beds at night, knowing who betrayed us and why.

Then, as your next statement to the Public, you can explain that killing your creditors has always meant great profits for your private, foreign corporation and historically, nothing turns a dime like a good, old-fashioned genocide.

Look at the Great Fire of London where all this crookedness got started.

Once the governments found a way to secure an interest in private assets — a plausible excuse occasioned by a great “national emergency”— there’s been no stopping them. We’ve had more national emergencies since the Civil War than a wild chihuahua has puppies.

So if you want to make a whole lot of money for the so-called public sector while operating as a private corporation contractor, the smart thing is to kill your richest creditors in the greatest possible numbers, so that you are then free to claim their considerable holdings for your own benefit.

It’s simple math, really. An American slave is worth an average of 40 Billion USD, while a Honduran slave is worth a few million — but if you transport those same Hondurans to the open Southern Border of The United States, and they are (en)listed as “Americans” (South Americans, but who’s counting?), they are suddenly worth 40 Billion a head.

Talk about asset accrual and explain that to the American people.

Of course, the Hondurans won’t know that they are being used in a bizarre money laundering and conversion of assets racket. They will think that they are coming to the “Land of Freedom” and “Opportunity”. They will be grateful to you for being used as mules both coming and going.

They will be going because (a) the actual Americans wake up and kick them out or (b) they will get injected with the same loathsome mRNA therapy that Bill Gates calls “The Final Solution”. They aren’t mandated to take any vaccines right now, but, who cares? You have half a dozen new outbreaks planned over the next ten years.

These faithful mules trek in the drugs and other contraband in baby diapers and flip-flops, sign up as U.S. Citizens, and then they are vaccinated, and within seven years they all die off, leaving billions and billions of dollars-worth of juicy unclaimed assets and all the credit those assets can earn, under your control.

Talk about cutting a backdoor into the Honey Pot, but remember, you will owe the South American Governments a cut of the action. And now that the Drug Cartels know how this works, they will want some, too.

You can explain how you were forced to take all these measures and countermeasures in the National Security Interest—-how you had to kill us to save us, just like Saint Ignatius, killing for Christ.

Once you’ve lost your minds and your hearts, even the most absurd propositions appear viable. This would be a good moment to reference Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

And that is what we have directly experienced, right here in River City, your home base, in the heart of the most heavily defended citadel on Earth, with the top three slots in every aspect of air power. And all that in the hands of men who don’t even know The Carbon Cycle.


The debt you already owed to the actual American people wasn’t sustainable and too many of us were waking up. Then you started siphoning off the China Trade— and got caught. Even counterfeiting wasn’t working anymore. The drug money was drying up, too.

You had to do something, so this is what you did.

Let everyone know how you were compromised and by whom, so that next time around, we won’t have the same difficulties.

Just let it all hang out. Go public. You can be the stars in the theater you created, just like Ford’s Theater.

Once people see that this contingency plan was worked out and slowly implemented one step at a time over the course of three decades, they will understand what kind of men you are, and more urgently, what kind of men your bosses are.

By going public and admitting what you have done, by explaining it step by step and revealing the project goals and monetary benefits, you can increase the public IQ worldwide by at least 20 points. Imagine the social and economic benefits this will generate?

As your brother officers put you out of your misery, as they will, you can go in peace with a clean conscience. This final service will cost almost nothing — less than a dollar, and a dollar is now almost worthless, thanks to you.

Once you are dead and gone, we can use some of the processing facilities for human-based food products to grind your bodies into blood meal, which is an excellent fertilizer, thereby reducing dependency on petroleum-based fertilizers.

Plus, your carbon footprint will disappear. No more worrying about how many times per day cows fart. No more misgivings about robocops. No more smuggling drugs and teenage girls. No more lies. No more kissing corporate butts.

Suicide is painless –at least, it can be. We highly recommended it to the members of the WEF recently, and all the advantages we pointed out to them apply to you, too.

People in this country have idolized their military for generations. They have trusted their military. Suffered for their military. Kept faith with their military through the darkest hours. And they’ve never known that their military isn’t their military. Until now.

By implementing our simple suggestion, you can finally do your actual job, stand in honor, and die as heroes. Or you can sit at your desks, let the snake venom slowly eat away your neurons, and die as non-entities.

It’s true that you wind up dead, either way, but at least you can choose the manner of your departure– blaze of glory or Elmer Fudd, R.I.P.

We’ve put considerable thought into this proposal and given the constraints of the situation, with the DOD in charge of the entire Covid operation and owning all the patents, it’s clear that you all valued your pensions more than our lives. You made a choice by not making a choice, and as the saying goes, you can ignore reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of ignoring reality.

Here they come. All Four Horsemen at a gallop.

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Our Modest Proposal Revisited

By Anna Von Reitz

In view of the many serious issues confronting our world, we have developed a proposal which we feel would have an immediate and beneficial effect, serving to at once resolve political and economic tensions and reduce carbon emissions, while providing us with a safe and abundant source of clean-burning natural gas.

We highly recommend that the members of WEF immediately suicide themselves in accordance with their belief that we are facing worldwide overpopulation, human-caused climate change, and other evils perpetuated simply because the rest of us are living and working and breathing the air. (And yes, our cows are farting.) We feel that this generous act to remove themselves from the overburdened planet would be the most fruitful and least hypocritical thing that members of the WEF can do.

Prior to arranging their funeral and memorial plans, we further suggest that all members of the WEF, both corporate and individual members, provide for the smooth transfer of all their individual and corporate wealth holdings to beneficiaries who are not related to them and who are engaged in philanthropic activities in their home countries or around the world.

These gifts of all their worldly power and pelf to organizations and individuals who are actively seeking to promote peace and universal well-being will no doubt give these efforts a much needed boost.

Our suggestions concerning the means of the demise of the members of WEF include public and private options. Those who wish to impress others with the seriousness of the overpopulation problem might want to participate in their own public hanging, so that the onlookers are suitably convinced that members of the WEF are serious and committed to their beliefs.

There are also hard and soft suicide options, thanks to the efforts of the Department of Defense.

Cyanide pills, ricin injections, and similar conventional and fast-acting methods have been in use for over a century and they offer swift and certain results, while “soft” suicide methods allow the WEF members the option (more or less) to linger and die at a slower rate.

Covid 19 injections and similar mRNA therapies have a 1 in 40,000 seven year survival rate according to the DoD’s own research, indicating that they are a highly effective means of suicide, albeit, often drawn out over a short period of years. This option might provide society with additional benefits, such as the opportunity to track the actual cause of death as each WEF member cashes in, and the development of Death Protocol horizon events data.

Whatever means the WEF members choose, old-fashioned public hanging, or private poisoning via state of the art designer injections, the world will certainly be a better and less populated place without them and without their corporations and without their pseudo-science and without their harmful and nonsensical ideas polluting future minds with dreams of world hegemony, non-existent bug-a-boos designed to support new taxation schemes to enrich their cronies, and similar evils that result from WEF members continuing to breathe.

We agree that there are “Useless Eaters” in the world and consider all members of the WEF to be included in that category of singularly worthless human detritus, not that they are the only ones who should seriously consider suicide as the answer– not only the answer to their problems, mentally and emotionally, but also an end to many of the problems that the Earth is now suffering.

Imagine how all our lives would be better without the WEF members creating problems?

Without the WEF members corrupting malleable and impressionable young “future leaders” and finagling to get these stooges in place, we might hope that new leaders will emerge by a natural and organic process of proving leadership abilities and being elected, instead of a contrived mechanism akin to rigging a roulette table.

Our proposal, that all WEF members suicide themselves immediately as a demonstration of their moral integrity and commitment to their cause, has many advantages beyond lessening their carbon footprint and putting an end to their self-serving lies. It would also cut down the reek of hypocrisy engulfing most of the world’s legislative bodies and provide an example of right action for the members of the United Nations and those members of the U.S. Congress and British Parliament who are concerned about overpopulation and greenhouse gas.

If these and other august bodies were to consider the efficacy of our proposal, they could join in a mass suicide event similar to the Jim Jones massacre: everyone comes to a party, they all drink the Kool-Aid. We could have crews ready to process the resulting bodies, and be prepared to intern them in a mass grave set up as a methane generator, thereby providing a much-needed and inexpensive source of natural gas and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Unless you wish to consider some of the older members of these legislative bodies as “fossils” in their own right, of course.

We understand that as a result of collaboration between the DoD and various federal agencies with WEF members, we are facing a huge multigenerational population collapse which was already in fact occurring in most developed countries worldwide ever since the Second World War, but this selfless action by the WEF members would at least remove them from the remaining gene pool.

We consider this to be an important point in our favor, as many WEF members are known libertines who have fathered multiple children out of wedlock and left the public to raise their abandoned waifs.
The suicide of the WEF members would, then, also serve the purpose of preventing their intemperate breeding and proliferation of off-spring.

We have thought long and hard about our proposal and the likely impacts of a mass suicide of WEF members and we can’t think of a single downside. We conclude that we would all be a lot better off without them and without their corporations, too, so why not encourage them to end the lives they apparently loathe so much? They can assuage their guilt, put an end to their worries, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and provide those who remain with clean energy.

How beautiful is that?

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